Gwithian Bay FreeWave Adventure

Thu 19th September 2019 to Sun 22nd September 2019

Gwithian Windsurfing Freewave Adventure 19th-22nd Sept

Our Gwithian Bay windsurfing holiday & Freewave adventure is the perfect opportunity to discover different West Country beaches including sailing at this famous north Cornwall wave sailing spot.  


First of all, don't be put off by Gwithian's reputation, it is perfectly possible to sail with venue if you are a regular south coast sailor or are eager to expand your windsurfing. We have had more days with easy, accessible conditions, than off the scale conditions. We seek out the best places to sail to suit the conditions, find suitable waves and coach you in this amazing windsurfing environment. So if you want to explore new Cornish windsurfing venues such as Gwithian, Marazion, develop your Freewave skills, catch some real waves, be it WindSUP, freewave or wave board then join us for a truly memorable Cornish windsurfing experience!


To join this course you'd to be able to sail a sub 115L board. If you're unsure of your level, then get in touch and we can advise you on if this course is right for you. The course, socials and whole adventure is £325 for four days. You can get low budget accommodation at local campsites or join us in the luxury lodges at Gwel an Mor.


Accommodation Option

 Gwel An Mor Luxury 5* Villas with gym, tennis, climbing wall, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and fabulous restaurant! 


Luxury single room person £239

Luxury shared twin room per person £139

 105 gwelanmortregealodge450




Beautiful location, great windsurfing, waves, downwinders, down-the-line waves, jumping, SUPing, surfing, biking, fine food, great local beer and 5* Luxury Lodge accommodation!



Who's it for?

If you can sail a sub 115L freewave board and are looking to expand your knowledge and try some Cornish waves, seek new locations and this course is ideal for you. If you can sail south coast bump and jump style conditions, you're ready for Cornwall. We seek to develop your wave skills, whether you are new to waves or trying to perfect your moves. In the event of poor windsurfing conditions, the trip still goes ahead and we add in extra activities like biking, surfing and WindSUPing to get the most out of our time in Cornwall.   


The Holiday & Coaching

The aim is to immerse ourselves for four days in great windsurfing and introduce you to wave sailing skills and wave environments. Gwithian and surrounding North & South Shore beaches offer various options and a great chance of waves. We cover choosing the right wave spots, tide times, launching tactics, encountering waves, jumping, front and backside wave riding and any other aspect of the sport! If the wind is light, then we'll either do WindSUPing, surfing, biking and still have a great time! We've been doing these West Country trips for nearly ten years and they are always popular, memorable and eventful sessions with a great bunch of windsurfers.  
















Course criteria 
You must be able to sail a wave board and wind or no wind be up for a great Cornish adventure! Whilst the focus is absolutely on windsurfing, we will also seek both light wind and more varied adventures if the wind gods don't deliver. Surfing, SUPing, biking ad a whole lot more!

Other Holiday Highlights

Regardless of conditions, this trip goes ahead, so take all the toys! So as well as the windsurfing expect amazing country pubs, wine tasting, surfing, WindSUPing adventures, biking, hiking, BBQ's and a few surprises along the way!  

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Optional Accommodation 

105 gwelanmortregealodge450

Most of the group choose to stay at the wonderfully luxurious Gwel an Mor lodges with swimming pool, sauna, gym, golf course and loads more to do. We go for self catering to keep the cost down and also enjoy our communal breakfasts, annual 'cook off's' and also visit to some fabulous local eateries and pubs! The cost of this is not included in the course, but we have both single and shared room options in the stunning resort.



What should I take?

All your windsurfing kit (no large or camber induced sails allowed), SUP (if you have one), mountain bike and a bottle of wine with a story linked to it!

Course Price:
£ 349.00 each

At a Glance

Sunset Cafe Gwithian Car Park
Must be able to sail a wave board & want a Cornwall adventure!
Freewave+Wave skills, launching, jumping, intro to waves, riding, catching, safety, SUPing, biking, surfing, BBQ's, Wine Tasting, great coffee and much more!
07764 574201


Thanks again for the great week. Kat and I loved it and felt progress was made on all fronts!!

Noel Goddard

"Thank you so much for these two days of windsurfing heaven."

Amaury Lamy

"Wow what a weekend! I learnt so many techniques, from rigging in a better way, how my stance should be for the varying conditions and various manoeuvres, just how far to lean out, etc. etc."

Neil Mclauchlan

I've just got back from the first post-course sail (I was away at the weekend) and I wanted to drop you a line to say how much my tacks have improved. I got round about 50% of them, which is waaaay better than I've ever managed before! Still a long way to go, but the afternoon course has made a massive difference; thank you. Looking forwards to Egypt

Graeme Burton

Your coaching style definitely has some mysteries that i will never be able to explain. Additionally to the fact that it just works for me, it felt like I was getting a private tuition despite the apparent range in level. I am very happy with what i took on this course and I will be looking out another one as soon as my diary I clear.Thank you very much,

Amaury Lamy