Hayling Freeride Clinic @ HISC

Sat 31st August 2019 to Sat 31st August 2019


Simon Bornhoft Windwise @ HISC 31st August 2019

1 Day Freeride Clinic & Windwise Experience

Dedicated to your progression!

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Perfect for 'Improver to Advanced Intermediates' 

Plus we will have our satelite Beginner-Improver Group as part of the day.


Unique Accessible Windwise Skills Training System 

Progression Guaranteed + Dedicated Coaching FOR YOU & YOUR LEVEL

Proven results and a great time - don't miss out, book now! 


Yes we've put on a great Freeride session for you. Whether you're trying to get more settled, confident or maybe you're really frustrated with a particular stage of the sport, we can help YOU with this welcoming 1 day Windwise Freeride session. Come and join us for an engaging, enlightening and enjoyable Windwise experience with one of the worlds leading coaches. As ever any questions regarding your level contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  



Special HISC member rate £99 Per Person

Normally £115: Special early booking rate £99 for HISC Members

Under 16'S Only £79. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check age/level.

Meeting Time: 9.00am @ Windsurfing Rigging area

Course Timings: 9am - 4pm

Unsure if this is right for you? Contact Windwise This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Money back if you feel you don't learn anything.


* Not a HISC Member Contact WINDWISE *  

Windwise Course Content

We're there to help you with every aspect of your windsurfing. From quick kit set up, improved control, stance range, harnessing, perfect line set up, quicker footstraps, super early planing, quicker beach+waterstarts, enhanced blasting control, Windwise 'Warrior' tacks and of course non-planing and planing WARRIOR GYBES! You'll get the  unique Windwise Skills Training System to ensure you develop the understanding of how to practice the right way and we develop your skills to guarantee progression and bring the best out of your time on the water.


Discover the power of Windwise


Windwise Vision - Opposition + Core 'Touch Points'  

Windwise Stance ranges and our 'WARRIOR' ethos for all your transitions!

Unique Windwise Skills Training Exercises + Connective Skills


Improve your.... Blasting - Stance - Early Planing - Control

Improve your... Fast Tacks, all levels of Gybing + any other requests! 


We'll be there to HELP YOU IMPROVE and get more out of your time on the water!

We can definitely help you and look forward to developing your windsurfing.



You Can Improve No Matter What You're Trying To Achieve...

Improve + Enhance + Change + Develop Your Windsurfing With Windwise 

No matter your level or aspirations, our easily applied Skills Training System has a renowned and proven track record with an incredibly high success rate of actually making things happen! We seek to give you the most enjoyable and effective path of progression. Whether you want a fun south coast coaching tune up, a refresher from a previous course or you've been absent from the sport for a while, we can help you. Equally if you're on a mission to over achieve - you're in the right place.




We've helped thousands to improve and guarantee to make a difference to your windsurfing!"


Who's it for?

This course is designed for Improver-Intermediates to develop the key stages of the sport. So we'll cover the core skills that improve your kit set up, control, stance, harnessing, footstraps, early planing, waterstarts, blasting control, tacks and non-planing and planing gybes. You use use any size board you like and we have helped both the fastest learners and also those with the worst bad habits imaginable!


The Coaching

The course is run by Simon Bornhoft and sometimes (depending on numbers) an assistant Windwise coach. So you'll always get the fully proven WINDWISE Skills Training System, with very specific exercises, sequences and routines to hit the parts that 'tips, videos and YouTube don't reach' don't reach. Our very specific methodology will help your windsurfing flourish and show you the gateway to your next level. Plus, as ever, we deal with any other specific nagging technique issues you're trying to overcome. We use a mix of unique Windwise land and on water skills training drills and exercises to get the body to do what the mind wants it to do.


What should I bring?

Unless you're hiring from us, please bring all your kit, including a board plenty big enough to easily sail in on non-planing conditions, as the course will go ahead even in non-planing conditions as there is so much we can teach you in all winds. Bring your wetsuits, harness, wetsuit booties, sunblock, all weather gear, a pack lunch and plenty of fluid to keep hydrated. If we're sailing from Hayling seafront, bring £6 (coins) for the car park.


Location & Meeting Details: Hayling Island Sailing Club 

You'll be emailed exact meeting details prior to the course.


Course Price:
£ 99.00 each

At a Glance

1 Day Clinic
HISC W/S Rigging area
Be able to sail out and back and tried harnessing.
Kit set up, control, stance, harnessing, footstraps, early planing, waterstarts, blasting control, tacks and of course non-planing and planing GYBES!
07764 574201


Thought I would sent you this email to say, massive thank you for the two days I've spent with you Hayling/Southend . 1st you got me planning carve gybes then  Southend.
Better jumping , not to mention all the other stuff taught on these days. Recommended 'guaranteed success' Thanks again See you soon.

Simon Chippington

"I've just got back from the first post-course sail (I was away at the weekend) and I wanted to drop you a line to say how much my tacks have improved. I got round about 50% of them, which is waaaay better than I've ever managed before! Still a long way to go, but the afternoon course has made a massive difference; thank you."


"The two days were just awesome!"

Niki Kern

"That's great thank you. It was having the back hand as far back as I could stretch made all the difference and changing the feet earlier. It makes such a difference now as I'm not getting as tired and its makes a huge difference on the wave board in wave conditions."

Doug Jack

Thanks again for the great week. Kat and I loved it and felt progress was made on all fronts!!

Noel Goddard