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We've just finished the first of our West Country adventure trips for this Autumn. We managed to windsurf three days out of the four in conditions ranging from light wind flat-water skills and drills session, some small surf to try out some wave riding skills and then some blasting in the river mouth and over the Doombar to finish the trip on Sunday afternoon. Whilst the emphasis is always to get out on the water windsurfing, we also tried our hand at surfing in 4-6 foot sets at Polzeth and took a leisurely bike ride along the camel river to get our 12 for the price of 10 pasties in Pastow harbour. From our accommodation base with swimming pool, tennis courts, sauna and great local pub, we ate great food and had our customary cook off with a team BBQ! So whilst the wind and wave gods weren't at their fiercest, the Windwise ethos of getting out on the water and enjoying the stunning surroundings made it a really enjoyable four days in Cornwall. A huge thanks to everyone who made it such a great trip!

We're set to return in early Oct and we're planning our 2013 UK adventure trips to Cornwall and other locations!

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# SB Bornhoft 2012-09-21 21:37
Yes bit of luck with that shot. I wish I'd got some more when we were blasting across the bay, but too buys chasing everyone! All the best from Marsa Alam. Simon
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# Bruce Cotsell 2012-09-18 21:16
Love the shot with, what looks like, 5 people, all on the same wave :-D
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