We've just completed our first WISEWOMEN & KIDSWISE UK windsurfing course of 2013.


It's all part of our initiative to answer that question, "How do I learn to windsurf?"

Whilst this half term course was specifically aimed at women and kids, all our UK beginners windsurfing courses are designed to offer the best possible way to get into and learn how to windsurf, no matter your level. Using our unique WINDWISE muscle memory land exercises and on water skills and drills we covered the key principles of the sport. From how to uphaul without using too much energy to fast tacks, gybes, beachstarts and improving your windsurfing stance, everyone progresses!

The Monday Bank Holiday was warm, sunny and the perfect environment to for learning and everyone on the course improved. The photos speak for themselves, with little 'Windies' as young as 7 having their first go at windsurfing! Plus improvers developing their skills and returners who'd previously said, "I tried windsurfing years ago, but want to give it another go", getting out there again! Great work everyone, you can now call yourself a 'windsurfer'!

The Simon Bornhoft Windwise team would like to thank everyone for making it a really worth while session. Look forward to next time!

IMG 3344IMG 3350

With a combination of small group coaching, 1-2-1 sailing and feedback, video debrief and fast track techniques, we seek to offer the best possible environment for quick windsurfing progression, ultimate enjoyment with expert guidance and assistance.

  • We seek to offer the best possible windsurfing lessons
  • We are a unique and very bespoke windsurfing school
  • Our proven WINDWISE system offers the best possible windsurfing training for you




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# SB Bornhoft 2013-06-05 10:31
Great work Emma. You have loads of potential, so keep practicing and we'll move things on even more in Weymouth 6th July - for sure!
Watch out Richard she'll be wanting some of your kit soon!!! All the best Simon
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# Richard Whittaker 2013-06-05 10:14
Simon, Just want to thank you for helping Emma improve and be reignited with enthusiasm, tacks are now done almost without thinking and she just wants to gybe all the time after that towing session as it really broke down the mechanics of it all. She has amazed me with her progress since and is wanting to try different things like sailing front to sail....great stuff, thanks

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# SB Bornhoft 2013-06-02 09:03
Hi Corinne. Big thank you for joining us. You've started well and are going through what every other windsurfer experiences. So lots to learn and enjoy as you develop those core skills. I see lots of potential due to your persistence and great determination! So keep up the practice sessions and I look forward to next time when we can move things on more. Thank you for recommendation and also for introducing Fiona & Christopher, great to see more and more people getting into windsurfing! See you on thee water soon in the UK and we must put that overseas trip in the diary. Any questions, any time, let us know. All the best Simon
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# SB Bornhoft 2013-05-30 20:03
Great job and Christopher really took to it. I hope he enjoys the photos. See you soon! All the best Simon
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# Corinne Steer 2013-06-01 20:04
Another great course Simon! And an amazing location... I had great fun and did a number of runs, despite being a total beginner... With the coaching I had in the water I felt I improved and even my body position was a bit more super 7 than super 8 thanks to you guys... Additionally, the coaching you and your team gave 'on land' prior to the session in the water was second to none. Really impressed! You taught us so much... And you made it great fun... You were also great with all the kids on the course. They were listening to your every word... And that's not easy with kids! It's inspired me to get more time on the water and improve my skills... If anyone is thinking of doing windsurfing or improving their skills I would recommend you sign up to one of Simon's courses. Corinne
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# Fiona 2013-05-30 19:41
Thank you so much Simon - I can't believe we were actually up windsurfing on our first day in the water! You are a miracle worker. What a wonderful day we had and 9 year-old Christopher can't stop talking about it and demonstrating his super 7 to his Dad! Thanks also to Dave and Ed - they were so patient with us. Looking forward to the next summer session. It certainly was a pleasure meeting you and your team. Best wishes, Fiona & Christopher :)
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# SB Bornhoft 2013-05-30 15:22
Won't be long before she's blasting back and forth in those harness and straps.
You can see how good Ed has become and that was how I started him off with the towing.
So watch out Sophie will soon be challenging her Dad soon be coaching me!
Really good to see you both and look forward to next time. All the best Simon
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# Richard Houghton 2013-05-30 15:16
Hi Simon
Sophie has come back from the course full of enthusiasm to try smaller boards and to get her harness technique hacked. The one on one tuition and towing really helped build her confidence and skills. Great session, many thanks.
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# SB Bornhoft 2013-05-30 14:41
Great work Sarah & Joe, you're a naturals! Great to see you both on the water, you'll have to work hard to keep up with Toby, he was a great windsurfer! More to come for sure!
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# Sarah Cunliffe 2013-05-30 14:21
Hi Simon - thanks so much for a great beginners course on Monday for kids and mums - can't believe I was tacking up and down on our first day - and 12 year old Joe and his cousin Toby, also really enjoyed it!! We will be booking up for more! S;)
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