Wind, turtles, dugons and fabulous windsurfing! 



We've just returned from two superb weeks in Marsa Alam. With 12 out of 14 planning wind days. As ever we blended our WINDWISE coaching system with great socials and much more than just coaching!

It's always a pleasure to be sailing in the Red Sea and there were no signs of Egypt's troubles in the tranquil setting of Marsa Alam. It was good to feel we were supporting the economy and local people were, as ever, incredibly welcoming! Windsurfing in the Red Sea and Egypt is safe and still well worth considering as an option, so we plan to return in 2014!

We covered a whole range of skills on the water from blasting, early planing, gybing, duck gybing, up and downwind 360's, Helitacks, waterstarts, clew first beach starts and basically as much 1-2-1 coaching as possible to ensure that there was plenty of progress. Using a mix of sails from 4.2's-6.4's, we had great conditions, with some of the WINDWISE crew trying out the new Kode 103, which like last years board, is one of the best all rounders you could ever hope to sail.

So a massive thanks to everyone who joined us and to Ivan, Snezha, Mahmoud & Mohamed for such truly great hospitality!
See you again next Sept for sure!

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# SB Bornhoft 2013-10-08 15:53
I'm sure that everything we covered in Marsa will really start to make a big difference over the next few months. It was so pleasing to see your sailing and Erica's confidence greatly improve. I hope we can keep the momentum going and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
All the best Simon
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# John Malaiperuman 2013-10-07 23:00
My tacks and gybes and waterstarts have improved immensely since Marsa Alam.
I had a brilliant sail at Portland Harbour on Friday with my new sail.
Erica was very pleased with her progress as well.
The comment from David above about Simon not giving up on anyone is right on the nail as far as I am concerned!
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# David Done 2013-10-07 09:59
Another fabulous week in Marsa with great company – fuelled by copious amounts of Moira’s rum! Stunning location blessed by the wind gods – just blew and blew. The Mistral centre is the best I’ve visited – run by the charming Ivan and Snezha. Hotel excellent by Egypt’s standards – although the superb local Italian restaurant must’ve been a desert mirage? Simon is an inspiration and a brilliant coach – explains things clearly and simply, and never, ever gives up on anyone – no matter what. If you’ve got it in you, he’ll find it! Got me going for duck gybes. Loved the week and fell back in love with windsurfing – huge confidence boost. David
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# Alison Howat 2013-10-07 11:48
Two weeks in Marsa Alam with Simon's coaching, sun ,warm sea and no conflict in the area. I really enjoyed this trip as I progressed a lot (for me). I can water start with a 4 up to a 5.9 and rescue myself out there in the deep now no matter what.( 5.9 is big for me as am 50kg and 5 foot 2). In the second week Simon got me blasting. I now know the new feeling of putting my weight through the windward rails as I lean properly back into the harness and go fast in a controlled way. Fantastic sensation. Ivan and Snezha with their equipment helpers Mohamed and Mahoud run a very friendly and efficient Mistral centre. When you are exhausted after Simons coaching, smiles greet you as you come in and your equipment is whisked away, it's great. Looking forward to future courses and events with Windwise. Fun and good company always, It's lovely when I meet up with other wind surfers for a second or third time, all of us in for a further Simon fix . Alison
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# SB Bornhoft 2013-10-07 12:06
Thanks for the comments Alison and I hope your success inspires others that it's possible to make real progress. Windsurfing doesn't come easy to you, but with your persistence and determination and a little nudge from me we've made big differences to your level and success. Marsa was a real breakthrough for you - waterstarting and blasting a sub 100L board is a real achievement and worth celebrating!!! Next goal is to get you round those corners and I'm with you all the way. See you soon. Regards Simon
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# SB Bornhoft 2013-10-07 10:07
Great sailing David and thank you for your support and great enthusiasm. When you look back and see how far your windsurfing has progressed over the years, it's such a great achievement!!!! Plus we've done it having a great time on and off the water too, which is just as important. Enjoy the rest of the season and what you've learnt. Next time we'll polish those duck gybes and have to look and getting you to catch some waves. Maybe it's the table tennis training that is helping too!!! Game on next time...All the best Simon
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