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We've just finished our West Country adventure trips to Daymer & Gwithian

DAYMER was the first stop is our Freewave location offering both flat water and waves at different states of the tide. It's a beautiful place to sail and the perfect environment for those looking for something new and to sample windsurfing in Cornwall. We had a mix of conditions so we ended up doing a mix of windsurfing skills & drills, paddleboard, SUPing, DoomBar riding, BBQ's, executive BBQ wine, cycling and a very sunny wine tasting! As ever that last blast of wind on Sunday gave us enough to get out on the water for a decent last session.

Everyone has loads to work on until next time!

We evebn managed to sneak in some windsurfing on STITHIANS LAKE with a skills and drill session at one of the highest windsurfing points in Cornwall. A great inlad location to windsurf. It works in most conditions, has great kit, showers and damn fine, pasties coffee & cake! Thanks to those who joined us. enjoy your new skills and see you on the water soon!

GWITHIAN was our next stop for our windsurfing in Cornwall tour. Gwithian is amore exposed wave beach on the rugged North Cornwall coast. Everything started off quite sedate with some paddleboarding, SUPing, then a bonus wave riding session, proving that the forecasters can often get things wrong. We finished off with a great last day on Sunday. With storms battering the UK, we were treated to a taste of Gwithian, with wind, waves and sails sizes ranign from 4.5-5.5m on wave boards. For some it was their first real experience in waves. For others it was the playground we'd travelled far to enjoy. We were a bit limited on photos due to rain, but here's a flavour of what we got.

We will be returning to Cornwall in 2014. We focus on windsurfing but add in biking, surfing & paddleboarding, BBQ's cook offs and plenty more to make it a really great holiday adventure that goes ahead regardless of conditions. Daymer is perfect for those wanting a Cornwall adventure with both flat water and optional waves. Gwithian is for sailors who want to catch some decent swell and test their windsurfing. 

For more details and to get on the reserve list for 2014, get in touch ASAP!