Flat water blasting in the lagoon or small, medium and large waves to suit...... it must be Mauritius!

We've just returned from three weeks of windsurfing and plenty of catching, riding and enjoying wave-sailing, plus an endless buffet, massive Pizza's and the stunning beauty of Le Morne! From beginners learning in the lagoon to wave sessions on the reefs, Le Morne has something to offer every level of windsurfer! It would also appear that it appeals to Mark Cavendish was on honeymoon next door, so was David Hasslehoff shooting a commeercial and Jason Polakow had just arrived for a Russian Kit Jam session! But we were only concerned with the wind and waves!!

Our first course had lighter than expected conditions in the middle of the trip, but we did have some decent planing conditions to start and finish the course. But, the really good thing about Le Morne is that you invariably get waves and there's always lots you can learn, whetehr it's doing skills training or learnign how to ctach waves. So when the wind was lighter we went to work on SUP's and larger wave boards to work on our wave selection, catching and riding skills - which when transferred in to the stronger winds proved incredibly valuable sessions. We had some great windsurfing including a really sweet session in Manawa with many clients riding waves that they would never normally get the chance to see, ride and enjoy.

On our second course, we had conditions reminiscent of our 2012 visit. We had wind everyday except one 6-7m day with great swell with numerous visits to Comfy Pillows, Small Reef, Manawa and SB had a sneaky session in at One Eye at the end of the trip. It's always a privilege to sail at Le Morne on the south western tip of Mauritius, with it's large lagoon offering everything from flat water on the inside to small, medium and large waves it's perfect for those wanting a mix of freeride and wave sailing – with waves to suit every level of confidence.

During both courses we had some clients who were unsure about waves looking to develop their skills and those trying to polish up their existing range of wave skills. We covered how to cope with waves for the first time, how to catch and ride waves - both front-side and back-side wave riding. We also went through wave etiquette, safety, wave selection and how to maximise you precious time on a wave. We also polished up other vital short board skills such as control, uphauling, fast tacks, duck gbing, flat-water wave riding and gybing variations to get round those corners in all conditions. We also covered how to avoid or enjoy jumping over waves and there were some loop attempts for the more adventurous!

I want to say a big thank you to all those who joined us in Mauritius this year and for everyone at CLUB MISTRAL for looking after us so well. Everyone sailed brilliantly, worked really hard, had their own eureka moments, be that sailing a smaller board then ever before, catching their first wave, making faster moves and for working hard on improving every aspect of their windsurfing. I also really enjoyed sailing with some of the more experience sailors in the larger swells and catching some great waves at Manawa. Windsurfing doesn't get much better than that!

We look forward to returning to windsurf in Le Morne in Oct 2014! Reserve early!!! Here's a few shots from this years Mauritius trip.