Windsurfing in Australia Dec 2013

Our tour of Brisbane, Perth & Lancelin kicks off!

Our Australia tour for 2013 is going great guns. Click the accordion below to see photos from each windsurfing clinic...



We have just started our Australia tour with a great session in Brisbane at Coothabara Lake!
Which is about 7km across and only waist deep! Incredible windsurfing location for our first WINDWISE session. We had great wind and a really keen talented crew working hard on improving stance, early planing, blasting control, fast tacks and seeking dry and planing gybes. Everything was interlaced with our WINDWISE skills & drills to help make more sense of this frustrating sport. Thanks to Kelly & Paul for helping me put the session together and to everyone who joined us. I hope to return in the future to move your sailing on further. Here's some shots from Brisbane!



We've just finished two great skills training days in Swan River and a very breezy weekend session at Safety Bay. As ever super bunch of sailors all giving it everything on the water, keen and knackered after 5-6 hours on the water each day. Good work and a real pleasure sailing with you. Great to see so many 'firsts' and 'eureka' moments. Keep up the good work and see you again soon! Here's some shots of the action!




We've also just finished our first Lancelin session, which started with marginal planing winds and kept very light for the rest of our time together. But sometimes, that can inspire people to try new things and actually develop some really core skills. So we set to work and everyone put in an incredible amount of effort on the water. For four days we absolutely drilled fast tacks, gybing, flat-water-wave-riding, helicopter tacks, upwind 360's, duck tacks and sme WindSUPing sessions in the waves, all of which helps lay the foundations for greater windsurfing. There were loads of firsts and I'd like to that everyone for making it such an effective course despite the conditions. That hard work will pay off for sure. See you again soon!

Here's some shots of the crew....


We've just finished out second session in Lancelin and out our last WINDWISE course of 2013. We finished with a bang with great conditions with 4 days of solid 4.2-5.3m weather. So whilst the local police had a 4 hour car chase to reclaim a stolen police car, we mixed our time between flat water sessions in the lagoon and wave riding on the outer reef. We had a another really great group, with loads of firsts on the water - gybes, waves, 360's, duck gybes and more! As ever loads of great banter on and off the water and our customary BBQ's and fresh Margaritas. Good work everyone and see you again soon. Here's some shots from the session, video will be done after Xmas break!  



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# Paul 2014-01-08 06:01
I went for a sail after work today at my local spot which is now a couple of weeks after attending the above clinics.
Made every planing gybe in the flatter water near the launch site and most of my "survival" gybes out the back in the more challenging conditions.
Got back to the rigging area and one of the local guys came up to me and said " you were sailing very well today mate, didn't even drop a gybe!".
Of course I said "go on a Bornhoft clinic mate".
Thanks Simon, great course and great coaching.:)
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