Windsurfing In Morocco

Want more than blast and gybe? Let us teach you how to wave sail this Spring! 


We’ve been running our Windwise wave sailing courses in Moulay on the West Coast of Morocco for a number of years and this season we’ve added Essaouira to our tour. Windsurfing in Essaouira offers the perfect Freewave location for blasting and trying your hand in small accessible waves. If you can waterstart, you're ready for Essaouira! For the more adventurous or existing wave sailors, Moulay offers slightly more testing conditions and more consistent waves. For both courses we stay in a really cool Riad Zahar in Essaouira and take you to some amazing restaurants in this stunning medina town. (For the Moulay course we have a private bus fromn our hotel to the beach each morning). 

MOULAY EASTER SPECIAL 18th-25th April 2014

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Wave jumping, riding and much more!

Great EASTER deal (only have to take 4 days off work!)

Fabulous Riad, Medina town, amazing food, adventures and atmosphere.

Windsurfing in Moulay will test, excite and reward those who venture to this remote, windy and wavy location. There’s a channel to launch in and out from, but you are exposed to waves, reef and will need to be able to sail a sub 100L board in typical UK coastal conditions to enjoy Moulay. We go in April to increase the chance of waves (which can be waist to over-head high). It’s a perfect location to enhance your waves sailing. Bruno’s Magic Fun Centre’s biggest sail is a 5.6!!

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ESSAOUIRA 8th-15th May 2014


Great location for Intro To Freewave/wave sailing, small jumps and easy riding.

Fabulous Riad, Medina town, food, adventures and atmosphere.

In Essaouira the Club Mistral centre is packed full of all the right kit to make the most of this huge sandy bay. If you’re looking for something different to flat water blasting, then this is it. Breaking on a sand bar and with smaller waves than Moulay, this gives a much gentler introduction to sailing ‘in waves’. You get a mix of conditions and if the swell is in, even if you’ve never sailed in waves before you will be able to sail Essaouira. The concept of the course is to do more than just blast and gybe, so we’ll work through all the core skills you need to gently get into sailing on the sea. It is much easier than gybing!!

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