Every thought of forward looping? 10 brave souls recently gave it their all!


We've held our first LOOPWISE session for this season.

A brave group of newcomers to forward looping recently spent a windy session trying this mind-bending move for the very first time. We started off with light wind training exercises and moved on to the real deal, which is easier said than done!

As you can see this results in a large number of crashes and bashes along the way. We had some great progress and everyone did well to work so hard and give it so many attempts and get on the road to achieving this do before you die move!

Once you start trying forward loops, you learn just as much about yourself as you do windsurfing.

Just getting started with this move is a defining moment and great respect should go to those who have given it a try! Run after run it's so easy to chicken out. You really need all the incentives possible just to give it a go. Success only comes after (a) knowing the right technique (b) giving it loads and loads of goes (c) Preserver more than you ever imagined. So we try to create a motivational environment to first get started and then develop your skills over a number of sessions. 

We'll be holding more in the future to move everything on to the next stage. If you fancy joining us then follow this link to discover if you were made for looping! GET ME LOOPING