Windsurfing In Alacati 2014

Learn, Burn & Turn! Fabulous windsurfing in Alacati

We've just enjoyed two great weeks windsurfing, plus off the water we've had many stunning lunches, evening feasts, an abundance of ice cream, close shaves and stunning sundowner adventures - it has to be Alacati! Check the photos at at the end of this report!

As England go out at the World Cup in Brazil, we've just finished our two Windwise weeks in Alacati. Simon Bornhoft was running his Windwise improver-intermediate Freeride group and they worked through the essentials of early planing, blasting, fast tacking, gybing and much more. Plus we had our FastStart beginners group introducing even more beginners to our wonderful sport. The first week was blessed with more wind than the second, but we made use of ever single day and everyone improved a lot!

Everyone sailed for seven days in a row and worked through everything from getting going, beachstarting, waterstarts, stance, early planing, control, harness, footstraps, fast tacks, gybes, duck gybes, upwind 360's, Heli tacks and much more! Everyone learned something new and we had loads of 1st's and great eureka moments, plus we did our usual sail to the top of the bay. The first weeks trips was followed by some screaming broad reaches back to base camp. The second week was a real challenge in an every changing wind direction. Well done for making it!


So, a big thank you to everyone who joined Dave and I in Alacati this year. It was a really fun, vibrant and entertaining week both on and off the water. We hope you got a lot out of it and we look forward to seeing you again in Alacati or somewhere else on the Windwise tour!  


Introduce Someone You Know To Windsurfing!

Alacati is the perfect for all levels of windsurfers, so you can improve your existing skills and also introduce a wife, partner or friend to the sport. Each year we have our Windwise FastStart beginners windsurfing courses and holidays running alongside Simon Bornhoft session. With our FastStart coaching system, shallow flat water, protected harbour and a great atmosphere, it's the best place to learn to windsurf!

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Check out the photos from this year below and see you in Alacati soon!


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# SB Bornhoft 2014-07-08 10:07
Great to have you along and part of such a great group and week. All those skills really pay off as you have discovered. Great work with the corners! We'll polish those up next time. All the best from Fuertaventura!
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# Ian Denton 2014-07-07 21:27
Was really an excellent week - a great bunch of people, a fun atmosphere and top notch tuition from Simon and Dave. I learnt more than I realised on those less windy days; when the wind came all the new skills and tips seemed to fall into place and I windsurfed better than I’d ever experienced. I think I almost cracked the, for me elusive, carve gybe too - something I had not expected to happen so quickly.
Need to plan my next Windwise trip soon!
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# Amaury 2014-06-17 18:08
Only one thing could have made this trip better... getting round this upwind 360.
It was an amazing trip that me and my girlfriend (new to windsurfing) would have liked to last a lot longer.
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# SB Bornhoft 2014-06-18 07:31
Great to have you both along and doing so well. Sophie has loads of potential in windsurfing and I hope she continues with the sport. As for your sailing, we are well on track and those upwind 360s are right there for the taking. I also have far great plans for you! Look forward to seeing you soon and thanks for being part of such a great week. All the best Simon
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