Beautiful Bonaire gives us an incredible start to our 2017 Windwise season


We've just come to the end of our first Windwise session of 2017. Plenty of wind, loads of 'warrior' gybes & fast tacks coupled with stunning blasting over knee deep water the color of fishing line, plus tasty apres windsurf Rum & Cokes, to wash down Cuban, Caribbean and 'Dushi' food - it has to be BONAIRE!


Thank you to everyone who joined us in Bonaire and the gang at Jibe City for hosting our time there - see you again soon!


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We're Back In Bonaire For March & April! 

11th-21st Jan - (sold out)

10th-19th & 19th-29th March -(sold out)

30th March - 8th April 2017 - Only 2 places remaining - be quick as accommodation is becoming very limited...!


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Here's a few shots from our recent trip!



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# Simon Chippington 2017-01-24 22:36
Massive Thank you ,
Amazing week on and off the water in this perfect location Bonaire, your teaching methods are spot on, personally moving my gybes from stalling to now fully planning exits, looking forward to my uk slalom season taking these new skills with me .
Every evening the socials are great fun having a drink and tasting fabulous local cuisine, with likeminded now friends .
Thank you again
Simon & Gina
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# SB Bornhoft 2017-01-25 07:59
Real pleasure S&G. Great to see you flying round those corners, hopefully it will help you pick up a few more places around the race track! As ever, lovely to have Gina with us too! Enjoy your progress and catch up soon, Simon

Let me know how the racing goes!
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# Jonny C 2017-01-24 13:33
...depth of the water and the consistency of the wind giving you the confidence to try anything. Add to that, exceptional company, good-humoured super-friendly people, with funny stories & fascinating histories. All connected by a common desire to get better but have fun as well. Then add amazing restaurants in town with staggeringly fresh tuna, fished daily off the harbour wall. Above all of it is Simon, always patient, sometimes stern, ever attentive, sneaking up to shout “straighten your front leg” when you thought it was already locked out. His precision on the water is unbelievable - weaving between the boards to show every detail of today's demo. And he never, ever, falls off - even when we all secretly gang up to block his path when he’s not looking!! He's funny & amusing but never forgets we're all there to get better. The fact that flipping 30 beer mats is above his skill level, or that his reactions aren't quite fast enough to win at spoons, really wont spoil your week!!
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# SB Bornhoft 2017-01-24 17:28
Thanks for comments chaps! Really loved having you all 'onboard'. Bonaire really suits the way we roll and watching everyone move things on and make progress is always incredibly rewarding. I'm sure you're all set up for the season ahead and until we next get that Windwise 'warrior' roaring! As for the off water antics, great crew, food, banter and yes, I shall seek to break 30 in beer mat challenge. Spoons I'll play the long game! Just have to return to Bonaire for the rematch! All the best Simon
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# Jonny C 2017-01-24 13:20
Words can never really put into words how wonderful these weeks are. And for teaching and training Bonaire has to be the best place in the world - I say that having been to almost every top windsurfing spot on the planet. It's not that there are huge (any) waves or insane amounts of winds. It's for learning - and for many, relearning - the fundamental skills that underpin everything you do on the water. The exact stance for blasting and for low wind planing, the precise foot position for carving which will get you planning round and keeping control when its a force 6 on a 4.5m. The precise amount of lean and just how low you have to get - and are actually getting, rather than what you think you are doing - to get round the corners. Every single one of us, from the more experienced to the less advanced, had a moment of revelation. . "Oh my god. It really works if you do it that way - I've been doing it wrong for years." All that is possible because of shape of the bay, the...
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# Tom Egan 2017-01-21 22:30
I'm still here and having fun with a few days of non-windsurfing things to finish off the holiday. Thanks Simon for your, as always, excellent teaching. I've once again learned so much. Pumping onto the plane really works......who' d have thought? Relearning how to get into the straps (correctly) and adopting a proper blasting stance - so essential, so frustrating trying to get it dialled but so worth it when it all comes together. Heli-tacks are now coming as are the fast tacks. Carve gybe is still a work in progress for me but others were cracking it. Such a good group of people, some old friends from previous adventures, thanks guys for making it so much fun on and off the water. As for the location, got to be the best in the world for learning - all the effort and energy goes into learning the skills, not water starting or up-hauling. Tom.
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# SB Bornhoft 2017-01-23 10:26
Hi Tom

Great to have you and Jane along and see you improve so much on the water, really fabulous work. Keep going with the Windwise Principles and those Skills Training sessions. Max out on the warrior for those look,lean lever Tacks and Gybes. My plan is to get you flying round those gybes and riding waves! Catch up soon. Simon
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