Join us in Porto Pollo Sardinia

Porto Pollo Sardinia

As you will see from our 2018 Winds of the World Tour schedule, we're delighted to announced that we're heading to Sardinia in April-May-Sept 2018. It promises to be a fabulous location and perfect for Freeride blasting, skills training and also taking in an Italian adventure.


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Porto Pollo Windsurfing

Porto Pollo is a gorgeous area on the Northern tip of Sardinia. Famous for being a breezy and popular windsurfing location! The bay offers flat crystal clear turquoise water and a gybe area to crank turns after a fast blast across the bay - Bellissimo! The windsurfing centre is packed full of gear. It's ideal for improvers to advanced intermediates and our Windwise style of coaching and holidays! Plus, Porto Pollo is a chilled, enjoyable location for non-windsurfing partners too!





Blue Zone Living & Food

Sardinia is known as a 'Blue Zone', which rates incredibly highly for levels of happiness, good food and a massively high number of centenarians. So, we're looking forward to sailing better, eating better, living longer and increasing our happiness! We will sample some fabulous local eateries and take in the ambience and taste of Sardinia! Magnifico!

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