The Windwise crew take on Porto Pollo and Murray 'Muzza' Maunder gets a lift on the stunning Severne Dyno 105 & Blade  

Windwise in Porto Pollo Sardinia


Windsurfing, Biking, WindSUPing, SUPing & Blue Zone Living Food

Wind, sunshine, big bay blasting, onshore waves, jumping, mastering shore-break, warrior gybing, tacking, flat water wave riding, upwind downwinders, SUP Touring, Windsurf Touring, scooter adventures, MTB and E-bike tours. Casa Bear Cafe, fabulous Pizza, BBQ's, Bean Bag Chillin' and Blue Zone has to be Windwise back in Sardinia! 


We had a really great week, with range of conditions from easy blasting with the Mistral wind and also cross onshore winds, throwing up some waves a shore break which set up a challenge that everyone learn to master - Great work to all those who got out, when they never thought they would or could! 


Porto Pollo is a gorgeous area on the Northern tip of Sardinia. Famous for being a breezy and popular windsurfing location! The bay offers crystal clear turquoise water and a gybe area to crank turns after a fast blast across the bay - Bellissimo! The windsurfing centre is packed full of gear. It's ideal for intermediates-advanced windsurfers and really suites our Windwise style of coaching and adventure holidays!

Plus, Porto Pollo is a chilled, enjoyable location for non-windsurfing partners too!


Join us in Sept 2019

Sardinia is known as a 'Blue Zone', which rates incredibly highly for levels of happiness, good food and a massively high number of centenarians. So, sail better, eat better, living longer and increase your happiness with Windwise! Join us and you'll sample some fabulous local eateries and take in the ambience and taste of Sardinia! Magnifico!


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Here's are some shots from our recent trip! Great work everyone and well done to Joe Williams for being voted as Sailor Of The Week!    



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