Meaningful Moulay July 2010


James Siddallls raises the bar during a storming week in Moulay on the west coast of Morocco. 




We've just returned from a very meaningful week in Moulay on the West coast of Morocco. No wind for first two days........ and then 5 days of 4-5m weather! 

Full on jumping conditions, some wave riding and a real experience for the intrepid Windwise crew! Good job by everyone who either braved waves for the first time or worked tirelessly on their jumping, riding, looping and just having a great time in the demanding conditions at Moulay! 

Everyone put so much into the week and will gain the benefit of pushing their boundries both in Moulay and in the future. NICE ONE!

It's great to use a 4m Storm and 74L Kode for five days in a row!







(Left) Mark carves hard!

(middle) John cranks!

(right) Kathy punches out







 Richard Loops, but sadly his board doesn't.







 Dan & Kathy still approve!






 The Moulay warriors (minus Inga & Andy)


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