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Weymouth 31st July 2012




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At the Olympic windsurfing press conference last Thursday Team GB members Nick Dempsey and Bryony Shaw both expressed that they were fit, prepared and ready for the games. This is it!

"I'm in good enough shape to win" Said a confident Nick Dempsey.

"I've been training like a full time athlete to get ready for these games" Said a positive Bryony Shaw.

With Bryony and Nick both living in Weymouth, this really is a home Olympics for them, with huge support from friends, family, Team GB Olympic support and as we know the whole of the UK windsurfing community behind them!

The coaches Barrie Edgington and Dom Tidy, have been working tirelessly, training, tuning and running through every foreseeable scenario. For Qingdao in 2008, they trained for the expected lighter winds. For England, they've added extra bulk and muscle power to handle a wider range of conditions. Nick is 6kgs and Bryony 5kgs heavier than their last Olympics. But with the F4+ forecast for the next few days, this will be a great asset when trying to hold down, drive and tune their twin cam rigs 8.5m for women, 9.5m for men.

This looks like it's going to be physical, with arguably the windiest ever start to an Olympic windsurfing event.

 Nick entered his first windsurfing event ever at Weymouth in 1992 and won an under-15 trophy. Bryony won her first ever event when she was 16 here at Weymouth. But the 'Games' has little respect for history, nostalgia or pleasant memories. It's about peaking now. Being in that moment of truth, when all around are supporting or out to beat you.


Today the wind was 11-18 Knots on the course, so enough to plane upwind without the daggerboard and stay hooked in on the deep broad reaches. It dropped later in the afternoon, which meant out of harness pumping going downwind on very fast broad reaches. 

The water was like soup out there, mixed and choppy, hard work on the legs, back and difficult to get settled into a routine.


Dorian van Rijsseleberge NED is looking pretty fast in the men's with two clear wins. In the women's Marina Neira Alabau SPAIN is just leading after 1st & 2nd in her races.

 NICK DEMPSEY had two races today coming 5th & 7th, but is 4th overall.

 BRYONY SHAW had two races 6th & 6th and is currently 6th overall.

Tomorrow the English weather promises more wind wind and that has to suit the Brits!


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I'll try to keep you posted as things unfold.

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