BBC broadcast windsurfing live!

Londone Olympic Games


DAY 2 Wed 1st August 2012

 Photo credit: Richard Langdon/RYA


After a safe start to the event in the first two races, both Nick and Bryony were looking for better performances today. Racing under the Nothe where the partisan crowds gathered to watch four RSX races, the wind was 12-16 Knots and quite gusty, so hard physical work both up and downwind. Yes you could blast in the harness for a freeride session, but it was essential out of the harness pumping for race speed a lot of the time. On the broad reaches, you could happily plane in the straps and harness, but to go really low and sail a shorter distance there's a need to unhook and pump that huge RSX rig.


I was invited to help commentate with the excellent BBC crew for the men's RSX races, which should still be available on iplayer and red button etc. Worth watching for the amazing finish in the second race!

There should be more live Windsurfing coverage later in the event. We'll keep you posted.


In the women's, Spain dominate and Team GB's Bryony Shaw, despite working hard, has yet to hit her full stride yet. She's got to make some ground on her closest rivals tomorrow in order to move higher up the leaderboard. So after today Bryony will be frustrated, but keen for more racing.

Women RSX Current standings

1st Marina Alabau Neira SPAIN


3rd Moana Delle GERMANY


In the men's Netherlands still dominate, but Nick has had a much better day, just what he would have wished for. A couple of better starts, some blinding boardspeed downwind and once again, no mistakes. With a 5th in the first race of the day, it was a real nail bitter of a finish in the second race, with Nick sneaking 1st place right on the line.

Nick will be happy with today, but not content. Bring on tomorrow.

Men RSX Current standings

1st Dorian Van Rijssleberge NED

2nd Przemyslaw Miarczynski POLAND


We are now about 40% way through the event, so six more races before the all important medal race that has double points, but exponentially greater consequences.

See you tomorrow. Simon


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# Mick 2012-08-02 08:41
On a minor point, is it the BBC that is actually covering the sailing or another broadcaster? I do remember seeing a list of who was covering which event but can'r relocate it.
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# Mick 2012-08-02 07:55
I wandered over to watch the sailing half expecting to see more of the same when...yee..har ... windsurfing. Great coverage. Great commentary.
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# Jimbo 2012-08-01 21:49
Thanks to Simon,

Great commentary, learned loads and throroughly enjoyed the races today.


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# Mike 2012-08-01 18:44
A huge thanks for the great commentary from Simon and the BBC team. It was wonderful to see the excellent coverage. My heart was in my throat for the absolutely gripping photo finish from Nick, Well done and bring on tomorrow
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# Jenny R 2012-08-01 19:04
I was completely gripped. Great job by Team GB in all the sports today. After such a wonderful day anyone who says RSX is not an exciting spectacle on television need taking outside for a good talking to.
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