Thanks to everyone who made our recent Exmouth & Hayling Sessions so successful!

Simon Bornhoft @ Liquid Motion Watersports
On a light, sunny barmy weekend, Simon Bornhoft and ten Exmouth windsurfers, went to work on some core windsurfing skills.
Breaking down the key principles of the sport, SB covered how to improve gybes, inspire yourself to try duck gybes and improve general board handling. With plenty of top tips to work on for the remaining season, SB will be looking to return to Exmouth to move everyone onto another level in the future.
"Thanks to everyone who joined us on Saturday. It was a really good atmosphere and enthusiastic crew. Exmouth is a great windsurfing location and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon! Until the 'Look, lean and lever that rig!" All the best Simon 

Simon Bornhoft @ HAYLING ISLAND
Moving on from Exmouth, we ran our Simon Bornhoft Windwise  Improver session at Hayling Island. 
Once again the wind started off light, but it filled in sufficiently to get out there and work hard all afternoon.
Fast tacks, gybes, duck gybes and sail 360's a plenty! Good work everyone and great to see new people coming into and enjoying the sport!
See you all soon to move everything onto the next level!

"Thanks a million for last sunday!!! Amazing :)" L. Kuhn