A great LOOPWISE session at Hayling Sat 25th August! 

F5 lots of loop attempts and some decent success!

Good job everyone. It was, as ever, a fun session. With a mix of first timers and others who are building up their looping skills base. We did a mix of flat water 'gyberoo' skills training exercises to show that you can give looping a go without hurting yourself. We then ramped it up a bit on the larger chop, mini waves and sand bar. It was great to see some successes at such an early stage. Extra credit should go out to John who has just started to get right round, but decided to try one, not one handed, but with one finger! Sadly he's now sporting a nasty single digit injury. We wish him a speady recovery as he'd just started to really make a big difference to his loops! Everyone else remained in one peice and will have slept well on Saturday night!
Well done to Fernando for making his first loop! 

We'll be running further sessions in late Oct early Nov. So plenty to be getting on with until then! Drop us an email if you want to join us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!