UK Sessions

UK Sessions

1 & 2 Day Tune Ups for all levels

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Hayling Freewave Course

Sat 22nd April 2017 to Sun 23rd April 2017

Unique Windwise Skills Training System To Enjoy Wave Sailing

Windwise specifically targets the skills YOU need to work on!

Windwise gets you doing it rather than talking about doing it! 

 Windwise reaches the parts that 'Tips', Videos, Ebooks & YouTube cannot reach.

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Location & Accommodation?

Enjoy the South Coast / Meet other windsurfers / Great Social & Local Food
See below for B&B and Langstone Spa Hotel with Windwise discount.


Learning to sail in the rough stuff is not just about blasting over waves and turning corners. There's a whole heap of complimentary skills and sneaky techniques that make life on, in and over the waves less intimidating. Theses skills are very specific and need to be drilled and learnt at some point.

This FREEWAVE  course is designed to  give you a distinct advantage in more advanced windsurfing situations and take your sailing to the next level. It's a perfect course to take your blast and gybe style sailing onto the next level! Or a warm up course if you're thinking of joining one of our Cornwall wave adventures or you're just keen to gain more skills and confidence in wavy conditions or location, be that in the UK or overseas. 

IF YOU CAN WATERSTART & BLAST ON A SUB 120L YOU CAN GET INTO WAVES - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you're eager to sail wave boards or have been windsurfing for some time, don't fancy freestyle, but want to add more exctiment and a new dimension to your windsurfing, this wave course is for you! 

Who's it for? 

This course is designed to give you the tools to take your windsurfing onto the next level. So if it's breezy we get out there and help you gain confidence and new skills in rougher conditions. If the wind is light, we run through all the supporting skills that enable you to sail more confidently in waves. You must be able to waterstart and sail a sub 120L board (although we run this course even in marginal winds on SUP's or larger boards) and be looking to learn both the core and complimentary skills that go towards sailing in different conditions and wave orientated kit. This will include skills like short board uphauling, tacking, helicopter tacks, hovering, positioning, control, flat water wave riding, catching, riding waves and understanding wave etiquette/safety. If conditions allow we'll also go through chop hops, jumping, front side & back side wave riding.

The Coaching

Simon Bornhoft runs the course with an abundance of enthusiasm and using the unique, proven WINDWISE skills training method to help your windsurfing flourish and show you the gateway to the next level. Plus, as ever, we deal with any other specific or troubling technique issues you're trying to overcome. We use a mix of unique WINDWISE land and on-water skills training, including drills and exercises to get the body to do what the mind wants it to do. With a well proven success rate, experience and coaching knowledge we seek to give you the most enjoyable and effective path of progression. Whether you want a fun windsurfing south coast break with a few tips, you're on a serious mission to achieve or you want a refresher to continue the momentum from a previous course, we've helped thousands to improve and we can guarantee that we can make a big difference to your windsurfing!

What Should I Bring?

Unless you're hiring from us, please bring all your kit, including a board plenty big enough to easily in on non-planing conditions as the course will go ahead even in lighter winds. If you have a SUP then bring that too, they are excellent training boards for waves. Bring your wetsuits, harness, wetsuit booties, sunblock, all weather gear, a pack lunch and plenty of fluid to keep hydrated. If we're sailing from Hayling seafront, bring £6 (coins) for the car park.

Location & Meeting Details: Hayling Seafront

We meet at the end of the car park, right past the Inn on the Beach at the end of the beach huts next to the golf course. Don't forget to bring some coins for parking meter. We launch in front of the golf course.

Esso Beach, Langstone Harbour
In the event of extreme conditions we might move to Esso Beach, which is half a mile after going over Hayling bridge you'll see an Esso petrol station. Right next to the petrol station is a small lane which takes you a car park over looking the harbour. This works perfectly for high tide sessions. There are no facilities at this location, so use the toilet at the Esso or Texaco petrol station.

Optional Accommodation

If you need local accommodation then we recommend the following:

The White House B&B
02392 463464
Do mention Simon Bornhoft/Windwise so they know you're a windsurfer in need of a good breakfast!

The Langestone Hotel + Spa
PHONE 02392 465011 OR EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Discount code for Langstone Hotel: "WINDWISE"
Quote when booking via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Course Price:
£ 199.00 each

At a Glance

Hayling Island Seafront
Must be able to waterstart
Short board uphauling, tacking, helicopter tacks, hovering, positioning, control, flat water wave riding, catching, riding waves, chop hops, jumping, front side & back side wave riding, wave etiquette & safety.
07764 574201


"Thanks for a great couple of days training. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. We were so lucky with the conditions. I feel as if I now know what to do when tacking - although need to spend more time practising. The early planning instruction definitely helped. And I made progress with the gybing rig rotation - keeping the clew upwind and 'kissing the guns' definitely my gybes at the end of the afternoon."

Martin Jones

"That's great thank you. It was having the back hand as far back as I could stretch made all the difference and changing the feet earlier. It makes such a difference now as I'm not getting as tired and its makes a huge difference on the wave board in wave conditions."

Doug Jack

"I've just got back from the first post-course sail (I was away at the weekend) and I wanted to drop you a line to say how much my tacks have improved. I got round about 50% of them, which is waaaay better than I've ever managed before! Still a long way to go, but the afternoon course has made a massive difference; thank you."


Your coaching style definitely has some mysteries that i will never be able to explain. Additionally to the fact that it just works for me, it felt like I was getting a private tuition despite the apparent range in level. I am very happy with what i took on this course and I will be looking out another one as soon as my diary I clear.Thank you very much,

Amaury Lamy

"Many thanks for sharing more of the Bornhoft secrets, I knew my helis were missing something and I'll be improving fast tacks too. Duck tack's next! Thanks again."

Mick Rothwell