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Mauritius Freewave
20-27th Oct 2019


Our 10-20th Mauritius clinic is fully reserved, but we are currently adding an extra clinic 20th-27th Oct! So if that appeals then please get in touch so we can send you the details.


Email - with any questions.


This is one of our most stunning trips! Situated on the southern tip of Mauritius, the ION Club centre at Le Morne offers quite possibly the most varied conditions of any windsurfing resort in the world. It's like having three windsurfing loactions in one spot, such is the variety! There's loads to do on and off the water, so perfect for non-windsurfing partners too!

There's beautiful flat water to scud over in the massive lagoon and then optional, easy and very accessible waves on 'Comfy Pillows', 'Small Reef' and for the more adventurous, Manawa. The venue is such a beautiful location, it's a truly an amazing place to sail, stay, relaxed and absorb the beautiy of Mauritius on and off the water. We seek to truly enhance your experience with our Windwise coaching system, guiding, socials and Windwise assistance.


Mauritius is one of our favourite Windwise destination  - everyone wants to go back. Amazing conditions, stunning back drop, luxury hotel and fabulous food, you (and your partner) will love it! Swim with dolphins, waterfall walks, mountain views, bike rides, surfing and SUPing. But best of all, gorgeous flat water Freeriding, Freewave Bump & Jump and down the line wave riding of waves to suit any level. It is one of our favorite windsurfing locations in the world - LIFE IS TOO SHORT - Do it in 2019!


Windwise Mauritius 10th-20th Oct 2019

£1999  Per Person (based on twin share  ex flight)

All Inclusive Hotel, Board Hire, Food, Drinks, Coaching, Transfers, Guiding & Socials


*Please note that despite change in dollar/Euro rate and increase in hotel price, we have tried to keep cost virtually identical to 2018*


9 night price per person base on twin share in the recently refurbished RIU Creol Hotel;

ALL-INCLUSIVE - Right on the beach ALL DAY FOOD & DRINKS!! 

Group Airport Transfers / 9 days ION Club Board Hire / Safety Cover

Windwise Skills Training System / Personal Coaching / Socials & Adventures

Single Supplement £399

Non-windsurfer holiday price £995 (Partners are very welcome)


*Board hire and course start on 12th Oct, SB will arriving early on 12th Oct to start the course 11.30am*
*Windwise Freeride Course 12-20th Oct with 6 coaching days spread over this time*

*It is possible to extend your stay, but let us know ASAP, as rooms get very tight*



Book Your Own Flight

Suggested group flight Air Mauritius to match group transfer

(Alternative flights are possible but a private transfer extra £40 each way per person)


BA Flight Gatwick-Mauritius 10th OCT
10th Oct Dept 21.15 
Arrive 11th Oct 12.05 

BA Return Flight:Mauritius-Gatwick 20th Oct
20th Oct Dept 21.25 Arrive 21st Oct 06.30


Other flights are available on different airlines, dates and also a later return on 20th Oct. But this could mean a private transfers, but please contact us if you want to extend or fine tune your stay to make it work for you.






Any Questions

Not sure if this is right for you?

Want more details?

Email to reserve a place.

Who's it for?


Our WINDWISE windsurfing clinic in Mauritius is a perfect mix of coaching, adventure and having an extra special windsurfing holiday. The course, location and how we run this trip is positioned for intermediate-advanced windsurfer looking for something unique. It's also a great place to bring non-windsurfing partners, with plenty of other activities and a beautiful beach and hotel as our base. So this course is focused towards short board intermediate and advanced sailors seeking to sail in an exciting new venue. If you can waterstart, you'll easily sail Mauritius!  If you're used to sailing a sub 140L board, you'll be fine there. If you sail a 85-115L board you'll want to stay there forever!  

Course & Holiday Content

With the flat shallow water lagoon and  ‘take as you please’ waves on the outside, we get the chance to cover every aspect of windsurfing. So we run through a range of flat water Freeride skills and also some Freewave & Wave skills for those who want something more exciting. In one run you can blast over flat water and then try some cross-shore jumping on tiny, small, medium and large waves, turn round and catch some easy, safe or exciting wave for some down-the-line riding. So, as with all our WINDWISE windsurfing courses and holidays we offer full professional coaching to assist you in your quest for windsurfing mastery and a great time on and off the water. In Mauritius we always cover core short board skills, plus tacks, gybing, intro-to-wave skills, safety, launching, catching waves, riding waves, jumping and optional looping for our more experienced clients. You can also expect to be put through some incredibly useful windSUPing sessions in lighter winds to enhance your technique and talent in this stunning environment. If you want to gain more experience and dip in and out of more varied conditions, join us in Mauritius.

Other Holiday Highlights

Where do you start. As well as the truly stunning location with amazing back drop of Le Morne we have loads going on. Welcoming socials for singles, couples or groups, sunset drink, cocktail hour, special evenings out to undiscovered restaurants and other adventures such as coastal bike rides, swimming with dolphins, mountain hikes and walking with giant tortoises and even lions! 

Kit & Conditions

I think you're getting the idea of the range of conditions in Mauritius. There's flat water throughout a huge shallow lagoon at low tide and then slightly choppier water at high tide. You also have optional wave experiences on the outer reefs. You can never, ever, guarantee wind AND waves. But in October your chances of wind and waves are very good, we've always had decent wind and always some waves (often lots) over the last 6 years in Oct. Plus Oct is when an ex-centre manager said he was going there on holiday..nuff said...


When you get 'Ocean swells' it can range in size and power. We usually ride the smaller waves safely inside the reef and then for those who want larger waves there are some options to try out. On the occasions when we get very large swells, you can still sail in the lagoon.  

"Comfy Pillows" Windwise named this small reform break inside the lagoon. It's incredibly gentle and everyone gets to ride their first wave there! We use it as a training play ground for the more cautious sailors and as a safe place if the swell gets really meaty.

"Small Reef" is a nice break on the out skirts of the reef with varying size waves, it's good for jumping and introducing yourself to larger waves and down the line skills. There's also a channel to get out through the break without going through white water.

"Manawa" is often seen in photos of larger waves in Mauritius. It is actually quite a gentle wave and enables some of our clients to ride a wave much bigger than they would normally ride. There is a channel to escape breaking white water, so first timer wave riders can catch the shoulder safely and enjoy the ride of their life without ever having to go in or out through white water!

"One Eye" is one of the most famous waves in the world. It travels with the length and speed of a run away train, wrapping perfectly around a distant and incredibly shallow reef. This is for experts only, but we have taken clients close to the break to watch. 'Elf n Safety' won't let you sail there....

Wind: Port tack, blowing left to right cross shore

Club Mistral has all the right kit to suit the range of conditions, plus great safety cover and staff!

Boards between 75-130L

Sails 4.7-7.5m

Check out the photos and video to get a better idea!

Travel & Hotel Options

After an our transfer from the aiport you approach the southern part of the island with a vista that betters any brochure shot. Clear water, beautiful coral reefs and a lush tropical mix of cane fields and palm trees. We will be at the recently refurbished and updated RIU Coral a fins throw from the water and windsurfing centre.

We can also offer a more budget conscious option at which are 2km from the windsurfing beach - please contact Windwise for more details!

What to take

Worth taking a 3mm shortie or definitely a long leg summer suit (if you feel the cold), surf shoes and very strong sun block.

ION Club do also have wetsuits and harnesses available.

Check with your doctor for jabs.

Bring a waterproof watch, so you don’t miss those cracking on water sessions!

Credit card and Euros at the hotel – Rupees out and about, but once you are there, you won't spend any extra money.

Round pin travel plug.

Free Wifi at Hotel



WINDWISE will do their best to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the water. There will be times when you're being coached individually and in a group. There will also be times when you are freesailng by yourself. Windsurfing is, potentially, a dangerous sport and you must agree to sail in a responsible manner and in the designated areas outlined to you in resort.

In the event that Simon Bornhoft is not able to make the clinic due to illness or unforseen circumstances, your WINDWISE booking and holiday are still valid and the course/holiday and adventure will still go ahead and another Windwise coach/guide will be provided for you.

***It is essential that you have thrid party windsurfing insurance!***


Booking info

Contact WINDWISE to reserve your place!

ALL-INCLUSIVE! Fab food & ALL drinks included!

Course & Board Hire Start on 12th Oct 

Fabulous food, swimming pools, ocean views, beach side bars, short stroll to the WS centre. SUPing, surfing, mountain walks, swim with dolphins, bike rides and stunning sunsets!


Price £1999 (based on twin share)


Travel Dates 10th-20th Oct 2019
Course & Kit 12-20th Oct

Travel Info

Flights: BA Heathrow/Mauritius

Transfers: 1.2 hr


Board Hire: ION Club

Single Room: £399

Pay your deposit online now

Flight Details

Suggested British Airways Flight


10th OCT BA Flight Gatwick-Mauritius 
Dept 21.15
Arrive 11th Oct 12.05


20th OCT BA Return Flight:Mauritius-Gatwick 
Dept 21.25 Arrive 21st Oct 06.30

Other flights are available on different dates and a later return on 20th. But this would mean a private transfers, but please contact us if you want to extend or fine tune your stay.

Mauritius at a Glance

  • Sailing Type:Freeride / Wave
  • Wind:F4-6
  • Level:Intermediate to Advanced
  • Course Criteria

    Must be able to waterstart a sub 140L board

  • Course Content

    WINDWISE Skills Training System: Including Freeride blasting, complete guide to gybing, fast tacks. Plus we run through Windwise Freewave + wave skills including launching, intro to waves, catching, riding jumping and much more to give your windsurfing a serious boost and have a great time!

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# Steve Fletcher 2015-08-15 18:29
Hey Simon, just flying home after 8 days in Mauritius. Thought let you and guests for October know the hotel RIU is huge improvement since renovation. We stayed at the adults only part which certainly recommend for anyone without kids! The new location of the centre is actually just next to the main pool/restaurant rather than it stated on the map further around by kite area. The all inclusive food was better with much better services in topping up drinks!
Glad to hear all improving for you and hope to see you December if you are able to make Perth. The duck tacks need your help!
Cheers Steve
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote | Report to administrator
# SB Bornhoft 2015-08-17 07:34
Hi Steve, thanks for update and yes all news from Mauritius all sounds good. They had moved the centre last year so I guess the map is out of date. I'm looking into Dec, if not it will be 2016 for sure! We'll sort those Duck Tacks! Hi to all Simon
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote | Report to administrator
# craig scott 2015-01-15 10:36
Simon, hello - Craig Scott here. Met briefly in Fuerteventura last year one evening over rum at the Mistral centre. I was am kiwi livingin Scotland - I had to many rums talking to your tour group and missed the buses home to my hotel and you gave me a lift. You tour group enjoyed the trip - so I am writing to consider going on a trip with you this year - this one looks interesting. I liked the Canaries but I see your trip there is full. Drop me a line when you are free.
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# SB Bornhoft 2015-01-15 10:51
Hi Craig - Yes I remember those post sail rums & cokes!!! Would love to have you along on a Windwise Experience in 2015. I've dropped you an email with current availability as we are getting very tight on spaces for 2015! All the best Simon
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