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Porto Pollo, Sardinia 2018

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27th May - 3rd June  - Half Term Freeride - Book NOW

We are now fully 'reserved' for this trip. Please contact if you're still keen to join us.

Crystal clear water, side shore winds, safe easy bay, cool beach cafe, boats, kayaks, SUP's and 'Blue Zone' has to be Windwise in Porto Pollo, Sardinia. Open to those traveling alone and with our assistant Windwise coach it is a great opportunity to get Mums, Sons, Dads & Daughters on the water!

Any questions email 

We've just launched our half term week to Porto Pollo in Northern Sardinia. It's a gorgeous location offering easy freeride windsurfing in beautiful surroundings. What a wonderful way to kick start or end the 2018 season in the Med. Porto Pollo gets a local thermal effect through the Bonifacio Straights and offers the perfect location for multi level Freeride windsurfing, training and a fabulous Italian vibe. For this week we will have both our normal Freeride group plus one of our Windwise coaches will run a satellite kids group. There will be cross over between the two groups, but we seek to give both adults and kids a fabulous windsurfing week!



Full Holiday Cost details and booking further down the page..

Windsurfing adult £1099
Non-windsurfing adult £649
Windsurfing Child £825 (under 16)
Non-windsurfing Child £425 (under 16)

Book your own EasyJet Flights 


Porto Pollo Windsurfing

Porto Pollo is a gorgeous area on the Northern tip of Sardinia. Famous for being a breezy and popular windsurfing location! The bay offers flat crystal clear turquoise water and a gybe area to crank turns after a fast blast across the bay - Bellissimo! The windsurfing centre is packed full of gear. It's ideal for improvers to advanced intermediates and our Windwise style of coaching and holidays! Plus, Porto Pollo is a chilled, enjoyable location for non-windsurfing partners too!








Blue Zone Living & Food

Sardinia is known as a 'Blue Zone', which rates incredibly highly for levels of happiness, good food and a massively high number of centenarians. So, we're looking forward to sailing better, eating better, living longer and increasing our happiness! We will sample some fabulous local eateries and take in the ambience and taste of Sardinia! Magnifico!    

Easy windsurfing, beautiful surroundings, 'Blue Zone' food and Windwise adventures! 

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Windwise Porto Pollo  

27th May - 3rd June Windwise Package £1099 per adult windsurfer

(based on shared room in SC apartment)

Windsurfing adult £1099
Non-windsurfing adult £649

Windsurfing Child £825 (under 16)
Non-windsurfing Child £425 (under 16)

How To Book

1. Pay £600 deposit per adult through secure SagePay 'Book A Place' button.

2. Let us know how many kids and windsurfers there will be

3. Your balance will be due 12 weeks prior to departure.

4. Any questions, contact Windwise. 



1 Week Accommodation: Shared room in local self contained apartments 
(5-10 min walk to the WS centre)

Windwise Group Airport Transfers  

Pro Centre Board Hire (RRD/PRYDE)

Use of centre facilities, sail boats, SUP's & canoes etc

Full Windwise Skills Training System (5 days) with 2017 'Coach of the Year'

The youngsters will be guided by a Windwise assistant coach and SB 

Personal & Group Coaching, 1-2-1 & Professional Video & Photo Feedback

Windwise Socials, Adventures & Guiding


Booking Flights

Book your own EASYJET flight to match group transfer which is included in holiday cost
If you can take alternative flights a personal taxi is approximately €100, so worth getting on the group transfer.)

Suggested EasyJet Flight to OLBIA, SARDINIA - Book ASAP!

OUTBOUND: Gatwick to Olbia 27th May   
EZY8675 Dept 07.05  - Arr 10.30 

INBOUND: Olbia to Gatwick 3rd June 
EZY8676 Dept 11.05  - Arr 12.30

contact  for more help.

These flights match the Windwise group transfer bus and give us a decent days sail on the last day. There are alternative earlier flights from Luton, but it would mean a private transfer taxi, which would be approximately 40-50 Euro each way.

Who's it for?

Sardinia offers easy Freeride sailing for all levels, but ideally suits those who are looking to get more comfortable blasting, cornering or just wanting a play ground to have a really great time on the water. Our WINDWISE Prasonisi windsurfing clinic is aimed at intermediate-advanced windsurfers looking to move their short board windsurfing onto another level.

Whether that is moving onto even smaller boards, blasting faster in more control or really wanting to speed up those turns, it's an exciting place to sail. It's great place to get inspired, try new moves and, with WINDWISE, give your windsurfing a early season boost!.


Course & Holiday Content

During the week our Skills Training System will cover super early planing, sailing at higher speeds, stance range, quick short board tacks, gybe variations, duck gybes, 360's and other feasible freestyle. Plus we will have a whole bunch of fun expression sessions to move your sailing along. As ever using our core WINDWISE skills training to get the body to do what you mind is telling it! If we get the chance we'll do some speed runs too! 

Other Holiday Highlights

After a full day of coaching, we will give you optional socials, adventures, safari's and check out some special places on this popular island. 

Kit & Conditions 

Flat water on the south side of the huge sandy spit. It's a big bay with cross shore winds producing easy blasting.  

Boards between 80-150L

Sails 4.7-7.5m

Flat water & optional bump & jump.

Check out the photos and video to get a better idea!

Travel & Hotel 

We'll be staying in apartments a short walk to the beach. We will also get a real taste of the local culture and sample some truly great food and night time adventures. Eating out is super cheap and works really well to create the great Med holiday feel! Can't wait!!!!    

What to take

Spring long suit or shortie wetsuit. (Take a long leg summer suit if you feel the cold).

Hat, sunblock, booties not necessary.

Round pin travel plug / mosquito spray if you're tasty, but not normally a problem.

Local currency: Euros & credit cards


Small Print

WINDWISE will do their best to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the water. There will be times when you're being coached individually and in a group. There will also be times when you are freesailng by yourself. Windsurfing is, potentially, a dangerous sport and you must agree to sail in a responsible manner and in the designated areas outlined to you in resort.

In the event that Simon Bornhoft is not able to make the clinic due to illness or unforseen circumstances, your WINDWISE booking and holiday are still valid and the course/holiday and adventure will still definitely go ahead and another Windwise coach will be provided for you.

**It is essential that you have thrid party windsurfing insurance!** So check your holiday insurance!


Booking info

Price £1099 Adult twin share


27th May-3rd June - Contact Windwise

Travel Info

Flights: Gatwick to Olbia

Transfers: 45 mins


Board Hire: Pro Centre

Single Room: Options on main page

Pay your deposit online now

Flight Details

Book your own EasyJet Flights ASAP


OUTBOUND: Gatwick to Olbia 27th May
EZY8675 Dept 07.05 - Arr 10.30

INBOUND: Olbia to Gatwick 3rd June
EZY8676 Dept 11.05 - Arr 12.30

Sardinia Family at a Glance

  • Sailing Type:Flat water
  • Wind:Cross Shore
  • Level:Improver-Advanced
  • Course Criteria

    Beginner-Improver-Advanced Intermediates

  • Course Content

    WINDWISE Skills Training System: Including skills for control, harnessing, footstraps, early planing, controlled blasting, shorter boards, higher winds, fast tacks, gybing, duck gybing and your whole windsurfing given a make over!

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