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Which Windsurf Course Is Best For You?

Windwise offers the very best in UK or overseas windsurfing courses, clinics and holidays for everyone from beginners to the most advanced windsurfers! 

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Every Windwise course will use our Skills Training System to rapidly accelerate your progression. Whilst our coaching system is designed to cover all levels, we try to set levels so that you are with similar level windsurfers to ensure you also lean and get inspiration from others around you.

FASTSTART is for beginners-improvers - so the very basics and for those who maybe tried it a while ago but need a refresher.

FREERIDE is flat-water orientated windsurfing and we offer those for Improver-Intermediate-Advanced levels. 

FREEWAVE is a mix of flat water and wave conditions and skill development.

WAVE is purely dedicated to wave sailing conditions and skill development.

DISCOVERY holidays are adventures that we occasionally run to far away places offering unique windsurfing experiences.

Faststart for Beginners to Improver

If you’re new to the sport or you’re looking to lock down the real basics, these courses are perfect for you. Run by our trained WINDWISE coaches, they can assist you through the beginning and early stages of the sport using proven WINDWISE windsurfing coaching techniques to speed up your learning curve. We have 1-2 day windsurfing courses and our very popular overseas windsurfing holidays.

So whether you’re new to the sport or want to introduce a friend to windsurfing, these courses are the best possible introduction to the sport - great locations, kit, coaching, atmosphere and progress. 

Course criteria: No previous experience necessary so ideal for beginners and those at the pre-harnessing stage of the sport. 

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Improvers to Intermediate Freeride Courses

Introducing, explaining and building the essential windsurfing skills using the WINDWISE coaching system. Simon Bornhoft we’ll help YOU develop and improve all areas of your windsurfing.  Quick beach and waterstarts, relaxed stances, quality control, the earliest of planing, controlled harnessing and blasting in the straps, better upwind sailing, quicker tacking and LEARN HOW TO GYBE!

Our unique WINDWISE skills and drills sessions will break the sport down into achievable parts...we've helped thousands to improve. 

Course criteria: Provided you can sail out and back to the same start point you can learn from this course.

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Take me to Windsurfing Holidays in: Bonaire / Alacati  / Prasonisi / Fuertaventura

Intermediate to Advanced Freeride Courses

Want to break that plateau, extend your wind range, increase speed and consistency in those gybes and learn other achievable short board skills and moves? Then this is the course for you. Simon Bornhoft will guide you through sailing smaller boards, tacking in stronger winds/lower volume boards, cranking up those carve gybes, control-jumping over chop, or having some fun with optional feasible freestyle like flat water wave riding, duck gybes, helitacks, up and downwind 360’s etc.

Whether you’re a fast track learner or someone who’s been windsurfing for years and wants to give their windsurfing a re-tune, top up or new lease of life – it’s never too late to learn and you’ll be in good company to make it happen!

Course criteria: Must be able to waterstart and use the straps/harness on sub 135L.

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Windsurfing Holidays in: Bonaire / Alacati / Fuertaventura / Prasonisi / Mauritius / Maui / Australia 

Freewave, Wave & Loop Courses

If you’re looking to get into waves or develop existing wave sailing skills you wave then our FREEWAVE & WAVE courses are the perfect environment to take you to the next level – which is far more accessible than you might think. We run through high wind control, sailing sub 100L boards, uphauling, tacking and hovering on semi submerged boards.

Wave safety, strategy and tactics, plus teach you how to catch, ride and really make use of waves. We also can help you with jumping, forward loops and other feasible freestyle.

Course suitability:

FREEWAVE: For those new to waves, but can sail a sub 135L board, also for existing waves sailors looking for more wave skills.

WAVE: For those who have tried waves and wave boards before and want to up their game in all aspects of wave sailing.

LOOPWISE: We cover looping for those who are at that level on Freewave & Wave courses, we also have dedicated looping courses.

Take me to UK Courses in: Hayling Island / Cornwall Windsurfing Wave Clinics & Adventures

Take me to Windsurfing Holidays in: Fuertaventura / Prasonisi  / Mauritius / Maui / Australia 

Discovery trips

We also occasionally run our WINDWISE Discovery trips which are less about coaching and more focused towards discovering new places and have incredible windsurfing experiences. For instance we occasionally run our British Virgin Islands Catamaran safari, where we sail and windsurf through the BVI visiting deserted islands, beaches and truly live the dream. Our biggest decision of the day is which island will we windsurf across to get lunch. We also run Discovery trips to Maui where we offer a mix of coaching and how to find or avoid waves in the Mecca of windsurfing!

If you want something bespoke and different, let us know and we’ll put you on our DISCOVERY list!

Course criteria: I want the most amazing windsurfing experience ever!

Windsurfing Holidays: If you're interested in sailing/windsurfing safari style trips to places like the British Virgin islands & Other Amazing Windsurfing Locations get in touch!

Upcoming UK Courses

Hayling Family Windsurfing Course

Starts: Thu 6th August
Finishes: Thu 6th August

£ 99.00 each

Hayling Improver to Intermediate Windsurfing Courses

Starts: Fri 7th August
Finishes: Sat 8th August

£ 225.00 each

Hayling Freeride Course

Starts: Sun 30th August
Finishes: Sun 30th August

£ 115.00 each