JOIN TEAM WINDWISE @ NWF Rutland 8-10th June!




8-10th June Rutland Water


Pro Advice - Hospitality - Demo Kit - Free Windwise Team Kit + Much More!   


Vote For Your Coach Of The Year 2018

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SB NWF Clinics

Friday 3.30pm - on land and on water session!  

Saturday 1.30pm - main clinic and demo


Thinking of attending NWF and would like free advice, extra support & VIP area?

Already entered NWF and want even more from this event?

Just coming to watch and want a VIP area to hang out, get fresh refreshments and a whole lot more!?


It's easy to join Team Windwise!


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  "Yes I'm in!"


We will then give you all the low down in the lead up to the event and make it a great event for you.


Vote For Your Coach Of The Year


Fri 8th June          Team Windwise Freesail - Free Team Kit + Tune Up + SB Clinic 3.30pm

Sat 9th June         Team Windwise Event Support + Event Base + Technique   SB Clinic & Show 1.30pm  

Sun 10th June        Team Windwise Event Support + Event Base + Technique



What to do next...

1. Email us saying: YES I'M COMING TO NWF AND I WANT TO BE PART OF TEAM WINDWISE! Let us know if you're racing or just coming for a social?


3. Closer to NWF we will email you with event preparation and meeting details etc.


Come and join us at the National Watersports Festival

All levels and friends welcome!


We're offering YOU the chance to be part of TEAM WINDWISE at this years National Watersports Festival. This is a collective of multi level windsurfers who want to get something extra from the event. The idea is to add some extra assistance and team spirit to your participation at the National Watersports Festival and hopefully make it more fun. We'll have some team caddy's, SB training/race tips and generally create a collective spirit to enjoy the event. So whether it's your first time at National Watersports Festival and you're not sure what the hell it's all about or you're a seasoned NWF contender, we plan to make the event even more enjoyable. Last year, we had some great successes from those finishing their first ever race to Murray 'Muzza' Maunder winning a race in his Tiger outfit!



Severne Demo Kit

TEAM WINDWISE will have some access to some wonderful Severne kit. If you are competing, please do bring kit for yourself, this is just a top up. There won't be enough for all of you to try something new at the same time, but we hope to give you the opportunity to try a selection of Freeride kit. We will have our TEAM WINDWISE base next to the Starboard/Severne demo kit so we'll have a base right on the beach that you can use to clothes, food, drink, hang out at.


All we ask is.....
1. You put WINDWISE sail stickers on your rigs that you use for the event.

2. Being a 'team', we can help each other and hopefully give you a better experience at the event.

3. I obviously want to spread the WINDWISE word during the event, at my technique demos and basically make some noise!

4. Do invite any other windsurfing friends you might have! Kids, pro's, newbies, old timers and basically anyone up for some fun are all welcome.


We're looking for volunteers to help with set up and generally some extra hands to make the weekend run more smoothly, if you're interested let us know.


All the best and I look forward to hearing from you..Simon.