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Wind, waves and check out the full video from our recent trip to Moulay!


A full week, where we didn't really stop! Great wind and waves for first 3-4 days, then some SUPing and surfing. Really, really great fun group -thank you all! 


We covered everything from wave set up, safety, wave selection, wave tactics, hovering, catching waves, front and back side riding, jumping, launching over rocks :-) looping and loads of tricks off the water too!!!! Thanks to Bruno for being our host at the centre, great views, fab food and for putting up with us being so hard on his kit!  Thanks to Riad Zahra for the wonderful hospitality, great tapas, fish and warm welcoming atmosphere day and night! 

After the day in Moulay we ventured into Essaouria town to some secret eateries with faboulous fresh fish and incredibly good value food! Plus we had the customary Moroccan massages and haman which is fabulous, when you know where to go!!! With endless banter and plenty of laughs on and off the water, the week flew by and we were sorry to have to leave. So great work on the water with many firsts and some fine tuning, so loads of hoemwork to move everything on with until next time!

Check out the comments, photos and video to get a feel of the place, the people and get on the reservation list for next year!