UK TOUR 2013


Directly after returning from a stunning couple of great weeks windsurfing in Alacati, we have kicked off our UK TOUR!


With a fabulous F4-5 we had a really windy 'summer' day on the water. Covering everything from blasting stance, control, early planing, gybing, clew first beach starts, flat water wave riding and jumping, we spent every possible hour on the water. Some in the group did really well just to cope with the strong wind conditions and the more experienced sailors put in some great performances. So from the likes of Lucy, Rob, Alex, & Steve getting to grips with blasting and harnessing, Hakan, Dave, Ted, Simon, Keith gybing, flate water wave riding and going for jumps, plus James Siddalls who has come right through the Windwise ranks and now add's upwind, 360's, Push Tacks, neat helitacks, jumps, planing gybes, Vulcans and Spocks into his routine!


Just had a really fun day at Datchet. Lighter winds, but loads of skills and drill, with about 4-5 hours on the water. We covered classic tacks and 'stay dry' fast tacks, carve gybe training, duck gybe training, sail 360's, switched stance and some upwind 360's! Great work everyone and really fun session. As ever, always a good welcome and great to be at Datchet and enjoy some of the best windsurfing close to London! Keep up the good work and I'll be seeing some of you soon on future UK and overseas courses. Check out the pix below and leave any comments!


As summer really kicks in, we made full use of the glorious weather at OTC Weymouth. Yes we had light winds, but we still made full use of the day going through all the WINDWISE skills and drills that link into strong wind sailing. How to turn classic tacks into Fast Tacks for short boards, the nuances of carve gybing, duck gybing and for some - sail 360's, Push Tacks and switch stance sailing! Great crew, fun day, thanks to everyone who came along and to Tris at OTC for hosting our visit!


We've just finished the Northern part of our tour sailing at Grafahm Water, Roa Island Barrow in Furness & Pugneys Lake as part of our 'Northern Tour'. We had predominantly lighter winds, but still had enough breeze in each location to get a lot of work done! With a big mix of skills, drills, fast tacks, gybes and duck gybes everyone went through a full skills training session working on those transferable skills to make stronger wind windsurfing more enjoyable and productive. Great work everyone. Hot on and off the water! Look forward to sailing with you again!


We have now headed back to Hayling for a really fun session. Once again, hot, sunny and gentle breezes, but so much time on the water! Great effort from everyone. Loads of skills, drills, fast tacks, gybes, duck gybes and gaining valuable time on the water working on the right skill for the right time. It's days like this when you have the time to work on specific points and claim the glory when the wind is up! Plenty more to come and see you soon! The ice creams were well deserved!!!

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Here's some photos from our UK TOUR so far!