The Tushingham Bolt

Photos and review of Windwise clients and SB using the stupendous Tushingham Bolt!




As you are no doubt aware the new Tushingham 'Bolt' is about to be released on to the market. In the larger sizes it replaces the T4, in the smaller sizes it replaces the Storm. We've been lucky enough to use a quiver of the very first production versions over the last few months.

We've been taking them on our www.windwise,net coaching sessions and have used then extensively in the UK, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey, covering just about every water and wind conditions you can imagine. We've been using the 5m/5.5m and 6.5m so we now have a good idea of how they fit in with a normal quiver and compared to other Tushingham Sails.

If you're already a Tushingham user, you'll notice that the smaller sizes have a slightly stiffer, sharper feel compared to the softer feeling Storm's. This is due to both the monofilm window and also the way the sail is cut to give a more direct feel from the sail. There is slightly less twist in the rig compared to Storms and the harness lines need to be set comparatively slightly further back, as the centre of effort is now slightly further back in the sail. This gives you more grunt to get you going and yet still provides that reliable, easy feel of all previous Tushinghams. As ever, the Bolt's have kept that reliable Tushingham all-round feel and have a great wind range, which makes quiver planing much easier for all levels. We used the Bolt on boards from Kodes, Atoms, Futura's and Rio's from and 85L-180L and with from absolute beginners and kids through to very advanced windsurfers blasting fast, carve gybing, duck gybing it really does handle well. Everyone really loved using the Bolt. In fact the most common comment was.

"I didn't really think about it when I was on the water, it just felt right and I got on with enjoying my sailing".

You can't really ask for more than that in a sail. So whilst it is a brave move to change the range, the proof is on the water and you'll see plenty of Bolts at full pace on the water near you soon.


You'll notice that with the recommended measurements, there's not that much twist in the leach and that will give plenty of bottom end power to get you going. But when the wind increases, I found (especially on a RDM/skinny mast) that the sails preferred to have extra downhaul and outhaul (1-3cm beyond the recommended settings) to get increased stability out of the sail when sailing more powered up or if you prefer a flatter feeling sail. So don't be afraid to add extra down and outhaul if you feel you want more stability and increase the range from the sail.

We rigged the 5m on 4m skinny / 5.5m on both 4m & 4.30m / 6.5 on both a 4.30 all which set well on both skinny and wide diameter masts.


Try A Bolt

Come and try a Bolt! Pop into any of our Windwise sessions ( we have demo kit for anyone to try!

See you on the water soon. Simon

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