Stunning lagoon & waves to suit every level!


Flat water blasting in the lagoon and optional small, medium or large waves on the outer wave breaks, these unique Windwise  experiences are the perfect way to learn loads of new windsurfing skills and sail safely with expert windsurfing coaching, safety strategy and location guidance. With Windwise we ensure you get the best possible windsurfing experiences!

We were blessed with fabulous conditions for the main part of the trip, with sails from 4.5-5.9m. We blasted in the lagoon and made forays out to Comfy Pillows, Little Reef and the smooth roller coaster ride that is Manawa - where everyone sailed waves bigger than they ever thought possible!

We covered how to cope with waves for the first time, how to catch and ride waves - both front-side and back-side wave riding and we covered wave etiquette, safety, wave selection and how to maximise you precious time on a wave. Towards the end of the trip, the wind swung Northerly, but we managed to grab a couple of sweet blasting sessions in front of the Regis Hotel. To accelerate progression, we used elements of the Windwise Skills Training System and everyone sailed brilliantly, worked super hard and had their own eureka moments, from improved blasting, fast tacking a short board, increasing gybe consistency and speed or catching waves everyone just wanted more!

Thank you for joining us in Mauritius this year, to the team at CM in Le Morne and The Bay & Regis Hotels for accommodating us!

We'll be returning to the magical island of Mauritius for Oct 2015 – Get on the WIndwise booking list now!

Here's a few shots from this years crew in Mauritius! This could be you next year!