Force 6-7, tiny sails and even smaller boards Fuerte delivers!

Sotavento, which is on the southern tip of this Canarian Island windsurfing mecca, is renowned, in the summer, for decent 'breeze', huge lagoons and fast Freeriding. The Windwise courses were based at the Club Mistral Centre which is at the wend end and best best area of the beach - offering the cleanest wind and most beneficial windsurfing and coaching conditions/water & wind. Each of the Windwise groups were blessed with very strong winds, endless windsurfing and they certainly had Fuerte at full strength!

SB was absent due to recovering from a recent kidney transplant (back up to speed now - so watch out!), so ex-Neilson manager Tom Brooman was our honor Windwise coach and ran both weeks fabulously and excellently continued the Windwise Skills Training System and Mantras to great effect - Thanks Tom. Everyone released the conditions and progressed well, with pretty much everyone trying, sailing or experiencing a smaller board and sail than ever before - Small is beautiful!

Screaming across the Sotavento bay on 3.7's & 4m's certainly keeps your attention and it's great credit to everyone for trying to master better blasting and even attempt gybes and moves in those conditions. Certainly makes a dent in the Gorriones buffet too! Judging by the reactions from everyone, a great time was had both on and off the water. 

A massive thank you to everyone who joined WINDWISE in Fuerte and made it such a successful trip!

Windwise are returning to Fuetre in 2016 - so get on the first shout/reserve list now as it fills up PDQ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Check out the photos below!