Stithians, Daymer & Gwithian - Check out our recent Cornwall Adventures

Cornwall Freeride / Freewave & Wave Adventures 2015

if it's September then we always head to the South West of Cornwall. With such a great range of conditions, locations, eateries and additional adventures, Cornwall offers something for every level and those simply wanting a great get away. We run a mix of our full Skills Training System for our Freeride,Freewave & Wave sessions - Plus as with all Windwise experiences we add in various adventures, special socials, secret spots and generally maximize our time in such a beautiful part of the UK.  


Daymer Bay, Near Wadebridge

We kicked off the tour on the north coast near Wadebridge with our Daymer Bay Freewave Adventure. We had a mix of conditions which meant we had some amazing blasting off Rock, including a fab downwinder and then used the incoming tide to whizz back up the river mouth. We then checked out the Doombar at Daymer and also on the way home sailed at Bigbury. So we just about every wind and water state covered. Of the water, we went biking and checked out some fabulous eateries, including a stunning organic meal, courtesy on Stephen & Lizzie Jane. All their veg and meat is organic and is grown or breed within 300m of the table we ate on! Wonderful people, stunning Dexter beef all contributed to a very special evening. As ever, we also visited the Malsters Arms and enjoyed all the facilities of our accommodation  - swimming pool, sauna and tennis courts. 


Stithians Lake, Near Redruth

We then moved on to Stithians Lake for our regular 1 day Freeride Skills & Drills Session. A heady mix of blasting and skills training we worked through all the major aspects of Freeriding - early planing, control, speed, our 'Warrior' tack and of course gybing! It's a fabulous venue, great staff, welcoming club atmosphere and "nice coffee"!


Gwithian, Near Hayle

Home of some of the best wave sailing in the country, our Gwithian session is aimed solely on wave sailing. This huge sandy beach, is exposed to the west and catches just about any swell going. We didn't get classic Gwithian, but we did really enjoy and make the most of what we got. A mix of short board blasting and catching some westerly swell, meant that we deserved our pasties and coffee's in the Sunset Cafe! We also headed to Marazion for some blasting and skills training when the wind went Westerly. The whole adventure is topped off with or amazing Portreath HQ which has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym and super luxurious accommodation. It really makes for such a fabulous atmosphere to come back to after a full day on the water. Great location, great people and fabulous food!


So a big thanks to everyone who joined us our Windwise Cornwall Adventure Sessions and we really look forward to 2016, when we plan at least 2-3 trips to the West Country! So whether you want to venture west to develop your wave sailing or you want to discover where you can freeride safely in Cornwall, we'll show you how! Progression and adventure! If you fancy making the most of Cornwall for your level, then let us know and get on the reservation list for July & Sept 2016

Here's some photos from all three sessions.