El Medano kicks off in style

El Medano Freewave 2016!


Wind, waves, 'Flat Water Wave Riding', 'Warrior tacks', 'Kiss The Guns', tapas, paella, Dorado beer and stunning balcony views..... It has to be Windwise in Tenerife! To kick the year off we return to El Medano, which is one of our favourite sports in the Canary Islands. With two weeks of our Windwise Freewave Experiences we've been blessed with wind every day except for one. Not bad for this time of year at all...


El Medano is best visited by those who can waterstart efficiently and sail a sub 120L board. In the South Bay where the TWS centre is based, we get a mix of 'flat' water blasting, bump and jump and rolling swell, which tests your control and gybing ability. If you venture upwind to the 'harbour wall 'you'll get a nice little point break to ease you into wave riding. For the more adventurous you can commute half a mile upwind to Cabezo Beach, which was where we used to test wave kit for Boards magazine and it's also been the venue for many world cup wave events.

The TWS centre is rammed with a huge variety of multi branded kit and Harco and his team are always incredibly welcoming. So we'd like to say many thanks to all the TWS crew for their assistance and plethora of kit. I think we've used it all! Single & Tri, Quads and carbon booms on all their rigs from 3.7-7m!

This trip is more of a 'learn by experiencing it style of course' as the venue doesn't lend itself to close proximity skills training. So we worked hard on all the critical wave skills, like launching in surf, early planing + blasting control on wave kit, chop hops, catching and riding waves both 'front' and 'back side'. As ever, everyone works so hard to develop their sailing in these conditions.

If you can do it here, you can do it anywhere!

El Medano town is very Spanish and has a relaxed feel with some really great value restaurants. You won't go hungry! This year no need for alternative activities, like SUPing or biking, but it's all here if the wind gods don't shine!

Well done to everyone who joined us, thank you for all your efforts, support and dedication!