Team Windwise celebrated the 10th NWF in style!


We've just had one of our most successful NWF events ever. It was our largest Windwise Team with over 60 team members T-shirts around the whole event and many podium finishes. The conditions and atmosphere on and off the water was fab. We saw so many regular faces and also a fun group from Datchet! It will be at Rutland for 2017, so we hope to be part of the future of NWF! 

We used every single piece of demo gear - Atoms, Carves, Codes, Ultra Kodes and those lovely Severne rigs. Thanks to all those who helped with the set up, put down and making NWF such a fabulous event!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for all your support, enthusiasm and making the whole event such a success!

Here's all of the photos from the event!