Come and join us for our Windwise end of season dinner party bash! Fab food, drinks and much more!  


Windwise 'Sail + Social + Dinner Party' 
Inn On The Beach Hayling Island
Sat 9th Nov 2019


  • We are all set to go for our annual Windwise social, end of season sail & dinner party!
  • Join us at Inn On The Beach Hayling seafront for a great experience.
  • Optional sail, hang out and fab evening feast and lots more too!  
  • Catch up with other windsurfers and have a great time. 
  • You can bring your partner or any other windsurfing mates too!

Grab your evening dinner place now!...... CLICK HERE TO BOOK!


Day Time: Optional Windsurf @ Hayling Seafront Lagoon

Try some stunning Severne Boards & Sails
Have a ride on a Severne powered Tandem
Force 5 and sunshine all booked!

Best sailing time 2-3 hours either side of low tide gives a shallow lagoon!
Go for an optional recreational sail, catch up and burn some calories before dinner. 


Night Time: Windwise Evening Social @ Inn On The Beach 7pm

Welcome Drinks 7pm 
Tasty Sit Down Dinner & Festivities 7.45pm
Plus, as ever, some extra Treats, Drinks, Prizes & Surprises!
Invite partners and windsurfing friends to join you

Dress code: Dress to impress!
Always a great night - don't miss it...sign up now!

Grab Your Dinner Place By BOOKING HERE NOW! (Only £38 per person)

Includes Welcome Drinks + 2 Course Meal + Initial wine on table + Festivities & MORE!
Let us know any dietary requests when booking or if you'd like a vegetarian option


Always a fabulous day & night - don't miss out!

Accommodation Options

Local B&B

The White House B&B
02392 463464
Do mention Simon Bornhoft Windwise so they know you're a windsurfer in need of a good breakfast! They have limited room, so also try Hayling Island Sailing Club as they have some cheap room options, if not there are plenty of of AirB&B and local B&B's 

Langstone Hotel

Larger Hotel + Spa (Good for non windsurfing partners to make a weekend of it) / 02392 465011
I'm sure there will be others staying so you can combine with cabs.


There's no 'official' camping in the car park, but if you car doesn't make it out of the Inn Beach area we won't say anything :)

We'd love to see you for what is a really fun, engaging party. Meet up with like minded windsurfers and have a great weekend....... Book Here for a great night!

Please note, the sailing part is NOT an organised windsurfing event.....

It is entirely up to you if you go for a sail and just treat it as a normal session at Hayling - but we are meeting up for dinner afterwards. There is no programme, schedule and no rescue, you sail at your own risk, in your own time. So it's no different to just going for a regular sail as many of you do, there are just likely to be other Windwise clients you know also going for a sail! 

If you've not sailed at Hayling before, drop us an email and we can give you more info. But come and go as you would a normal sail and pay for local parking. 

When you get to IOB, drive past it West towards the VERY END OF THE CAR PARK near the golf club fence.
Close to the last beach hut, which is about 300-400m to the right of Inn On The Beach as you look out to sea. Most people will rig up and sail from there.

We plan to have the tandem out and we'll sail off the very end of the car park until 2 hours before high tide. 
Any time after that (2 hours either side of high tide) is best avoided.