Fabulous Week In Fuerteventura

Main pic Windwise client Tom Geddes cranks the corner Warrior style!

Risco Del Paso, Sotavento 2017


Wind, waves, skills, drills, raging rivers, lagoon, tapas and tennis...It has to be Windwise in Risco Del Paso, Sotavento.


We have been to Sotavento many times and sail off Risco Del Paso. This year we had a wide range of conditions. Flat water blasting, cross off shore waves, choppy lagoon and at times a conveyor belt of current running in and out of the lagoon. As ever we made the most of the conditions, which included winds up to 40 Knots! On one session everyone in the group was over powered and on sails between 3-3.7m!!!

Here's some shots of the less windy days!