Windwise In Delicious Mauritius


Le Morne 2017


We have just had a full session in Le Morne, yet not quite full of what we'd normally expect at this time of year. The trip kicked off with some fabulous conditions with four days on the water. Blasting on sails between 5-6m and on freestyle wave boards. Fabulous sailing, great sessions on Manama with decent half mast to logo high waves.


Then for the remaining part of the course, the wind decided to uncharacteristically play games. So we ended up with loads of very light wind skills and drills on WindSups. Including Warrior tacks, helicopter tacks, Upwind 360's, Push Tacks and some Duck tacks too. We ventured on the water water when the wind wasn't with us and relished some stunning Suping and surfing in perfectly accessible down the line waves.


We all appreciated this stunning location with added activities such as Island trips, beach and alpine gradient climbs on Mountain Bikes, hiking up Le Morne and swimming with dolphins. And, if that wasn't enough we hit the beach volley ball and took in the sights and beauty of Le Morne.


We have been coming to Le Morne for 10 years and this was very unlucky with the wind, which has been bang on so many times. 


I'd like to thank everyone for their patience, incredible effort on the water, savouring everything we tried and for the hours of skills training that I know will pay off. Plus I know many of you are seeking to return. Windwise will be back for sure!


Some of the Windwise gang get ready for a trip to Manawa!



Here's an idea of what Manama is like....



Many of the clients have stayed on, so we're looking to max the forecast and add a few more shots over the next 60 hours!