Windwise Family Freeride Week hits Porto Pollo in Sardinia 

Windwise Family Week Porto Pollo


We've just finished a quick 'boutique' family week in Porto Pollo. It's a stunning Mediterranean archipelago which made a great base for everyone that joined us! 


We used 1.5m-7m Sails, with some blasting across the bay, mini adventures for Italian Gelato and, as ever, we worked through hundreds of Warrior Tacks, 'IceCream' Warrior Gybes and also blended our core skills and  Warrior ethos into hundreds of Heli's, upwind 350-360's and Cowboys & Girls

In addition we had some gorgeous SUPing, swimming and snorkelling. On the food front we had Bue Zone BBQ banquets, Little & Big Bear Cafe feasts, Magdelana Island Adventures, all the Anti Pasti & Superb Salads you could ever wish for. All washed down with sunset beers, the most magical Mojitos and damn good coffee! 

Thanks to all the gang at the MB Pro Centre and The Bear Cafe for being such fabulous hosts! - See you in September... 

 3 familyblast

As ever, it was great to see the youngsters become inspired by our great sport and keep the adults on their toes, as it won't belong before they will be better than us ALL!.





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Thank you to everyone who joined us, great work and such a wonderful atmosphere on and off the water - It felt like ONE BIG FAMILY!

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We're set to return in 23-30th Sept for our Freeride Adventure - 3 last places (4/6/18)


Here's some photos that show what a great trip everyone had!