Team Windwise 'Warriors' in force @ NWF Rutland 8-10th June

Team WINDWISE @ NWF Rutland 2018

50+ in Windwise Team

Warrior Clinic Recap - Tips Below

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We've just finished our residency at Rutland Water for this years National Watersports Festival, where we had over 50 windsurfers in 'Team Windwise'. Thank you all so, so much for joining us, be that part of the team or just coming to say hello or try some kit. We hope you enjoyed the Windwise hospitality base, tandem, 'Warrior' clinics and team kit. Well done to all those who got on the water, made the podium, won prizes and made the first race after the festival party on Saturday night!!!!

I would also like to reiterate my thanks to my amazing Windwise crew of Sophie, James, Dave and Indie, who were on hand to assist and hopefully make it a better experience for you all. Plus be congratulations to all those who won awards at the event including Sam Ross who won coach of the year - well done!


We have been heavily involved since the very early days of the first Fat Face Night Surf festival in Hayling (which then became NWF Hayling). Last year NWF was moved to Rutland to try and increase participation with a location that offers easier access/conditions to the water for beginners and families. Being inland, with fewer hard core south coast sailors it's always going to have a different feel compared to Hayling Island event. But we fully support the concept of getting more people onto the water and also offering windsurfing and all that Windwise has to offer to those away from the south coast.

So thanks to all those who made the effort to join us. Yes we know the wind was pants this year, but you have to keep being there and trying to strike gold, which will happen!!!! Thank you all for join us! We hope you enjoyed the event and look forward to seeing you on the water ASAP.

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WINDWISE Hayling Island Dates 2018 - (Chosse a date, which can be changed)


14/15th June Int-Adv Freeride
7/8th July Imp-Int Freeride
19/20th July Imp-Int Freeride
4/5th Oct Int-Adv Freewave
6/7th Oct Int-Adv Freewave
3/4th Nov Int-Adv Freewave



WINDWISE  Touch Points & Warrior Ethos

For those of you who joined one of our three Windwise land or on water clinic sessions over the weekend, here's a few reminders for our Windwise Touch Points for Windwise Warrior Tacks and Gybes. The best bet is to come and sail with us on a Windwise session so that we can tune you up and help train you to 'ensure you ARE doing what you THINK you're doing'. But, as ever, any questions don't hesitate to ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   


WINDWISE Touch Points for Windwise Warrior Tacks & Gybes "1-2-3 Warrior" PDF

Check out this PDF from our regular features in Windsurfing UK Magazine