Bucket list location worthy of your attention and respect!

Windwise In Le Morne Mauritius


Okay, so where to start?.....

One, it's truly beautiful. Two, it's like having all the worlds best windsurfing venues all in one place! Three, it's a fabulous Windwise location where we assist, guide and coach everyone to make not only progress but also give the most amazing windsurfing experiences that many thought they could or would ever do! 


Le Morne is sailable by improver-intermediates to advanced sailors, BUT.....you need to know how, when and when to sail it to maximise the wind, waves, tides and sail safely - and that is what we help you do! Le Morne is very much a 'live' venue in that the conditions can change from day to day and you need to know how to get the best out of the location. The wind is predominantly from the ESE which is cross shore from the left (port tack) with typical sail ranges are 4.2-6.4m. Waterstates vary from flat, bump & jump and optional waves from easy small 'Comfy Pillows' to glorious Manawa and for the pro's One Eye! Just watching it work filled everyone with adrenaline...


With regards to the swell, it can have a big impact on the lagoon and the outer reefs. So for instance, if the swell from the east it can take on a different persona to swell from the south. Plus, you need to know when to sail, little reef, manawa and when to go for 'comfy pillows'. You could go there and just see flat water lagoon and little waves or find a more lively lagoon and large waves. In all cases, you can pretty much always sail and find a simple easy spot.


This year we had a whole mix of conditions, from flat water blasting, upwind downwinders in the lagoon, stunning sessions on Manawa and easy, plug and play sessions on little reef. Many rode a wave for the first time and others took the drop and relished the power and beauty of Manawa.


Not only did we run through out Skills Training System and worked up those Warrior, tacks, gybes and wave riding. We also swam with dolphins, waved at whales, did a cool bike tour, WindSUPing, SUPing, snorkelling, sunset beers and ate Indian, Asian and fabulous French food.


A BIG THANK YOU to all who joined us! It has been a great trip, wonderful group and the photos say it all - Thank you!


Photos: Mike Pringuer / Windwise / Kate PhotOcean


A special thanks to Mike Pringuer for supplying many of the fab photos. Also great to get Kate 'Ocean' out in the RIB out in Manawa for the last wave session of the trip. Great work and some of the best Windwise photos we've had.


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 Photo: Amaury Lamy & Ellie De Ridder double Severne Dyno in Le Morne! 




 Photo: Amaury Lamy, a well deserved and unanimous vote for Windwise  "Sailor of the Week' - is seen here cranking the Severne Dyno and 5.3m Blade into a yet another 'Warrior' Carve Gybe!


Here's the initial shots from some of the gang during the first few days Freeriding in the lagoon and a few beach, social and e-bike ride around Le Morne.

Windwise Crew
Freeride in the lagoon.
Great work everyone!




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