Our Windwise Freewave Session Kicks Off!


Windwise Freewave El Medano Tenerife 2019


We're really lucky and totall loving being in El Medano for our Windwise Tenerife freewave session. Based out of the fully stocked TWS centre in South Bay we've been working through all the Windwise Warrior skills to learn to cope with more challenging conditions, sail shorter and multi-fin boards. Plus of course, helping and encouraging everyone to catch, ride and 'learn to turn' on swell, waves and whatever else El Medano throws at you. We initially had some very light winds to work through some core skills and we're now having some fabulous sub 5m weather.   

El Medano has been the 'tipping point' in helping many of our 'wise' windsurfers to break away from the blast and gybe routine. It's here where we help our clients to discover all the essential skills to take their windsurfing in to the third dimension! 

It's been a fabulous first week and group - great work everyone and we still more wind on the way! 


Here's some shots of the gang giving it their all! Main shot. Team Norways' Haakon Walnum cranks into another turn at the El Medano Windwise office. Click on the grab photos for more shots.
I was lucky to sneak in a mini-photo shoot with the gorgeous Dyno 85L and Blade 4.7m perfect combo for blast, jump and ride conditions.. Big thanks to 'Kate Ocean' for the fabulous photos.