Lucky to be in Lac Bay!


Bonaire March-April 2019


We snuck out in January and have just finished our March-April session, which have been totally incredible! Nearly 6 weeks of sailing/coaching/working/shooting and planning all but one day! Stunning lagoon, knee to waist deep water, pulsating blasting, countless gybes, sunset cocktails, island style trucks, Gio's Ice Cream BBQ's, Stying Rays, Turtles, sunsets, Mojito's and 'Dushi' Day after Dushi Day..............It has to be Windwise in Bonaire!


Windwise Freeride March 2019

We'll done to everyone who joined us for both the Freeride sessions in March, great work on and off thew water, fabulous conditions and everyone giving it their all. Check out the photos and get on the list for 2020, as it will fill up very quickly - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get on the first shout list. Dates coming in next couple of weeks!

Here's Marti Jerrard hard at work for one of the first Freeride sessions! 



Family Freeride Easter 2019

Here's a selection of some of the shots from the Bonaire family freeride week. With all five families giving it their all, we had wind every day, sailed hours and hours on the water and covered just about everything from first time blasters, waterstarts, Warrior Tacking, Gybing, Duck gybes, Vulcans and Sporks...From 8 year old carve gybes!!! To 40+ freestylers it was an absolutely fabulous trip and an incredible effort from EVERYONE - WELL DONE TO YOU ALL - KEEP GOING! Not only did we 'Warrior' it up on the water, we absorbed everything that Bonaire has to offer. Stunning sunset dining, open truck transfers, Beach BBQ's, Sting Rays, Gio's Ice cream, tracked turtles, saw a flamboyance of flamingos and consumed plenty of mojitos Hang Out Beach Bar! So, on behalf of myself and Windwise assistant coach Indie Rae Bornhoft, we wanted to say a massive 'Dushi' thank you. Bring on Windwise family weeks 2020 - More to come!


Carve gybing 8 Year old Tom Pringuer seems to love being 'at school'