We just loved our Freeride Fantasia in Alacati, with three fun fuelled Windwise sessions in one of our favourite 'offices'.


Windwise in Alacati June 2019

Gorgeous windsurfing with the full Windwise 'warrior' experience and Skills Training System every day. Plus a 3km upwind downwinder, beautiful bay blasting, drone chasing and hundreds and hundreds of tacks, gybes and much more along the way. Plus of course hill top dinners, beachside feasts, stunning sundowners, Alacati boutique restaurants, incredible food and the wonderful staff at the impressive ASPC windsurfing centre. It has to be Windwise in Alacati June 2019

But, most importantly, we had our wonderful Windwise clients giving it their all on and off the water... THANK YOU ALL!


Yes we've just had one of the most fabulous Alacati (pronounced 'Alachatu') sessions. We kicked off with the first ever Sea-PD Veterinary Symposium and then we followed with two Windwise Freeride weeks which were action packed, adrenaline, Efes and 'Pide' fuelled weeks. As ever running through various elements of our Skills Training System to enhance, enthuse and enrich everyones ability and enjoyment on the water. In Alacati we have our assistant Windwise coaches, Indie Rae Bornhoft and Dave Moore, who help the less experienced sailors and our satellite beginner-improver group to master the basics and set them on a 'wise' path for their windsurfing future. Which means those on the main course can also bring less experienced friends and family to be part of the whole Windwise experience.  

On both weeks we covered everything from 'Warrior' uphauls, fast tacks, gybing of all levels. Plus we worked through quicker beach starts, blasting, harness, straps, shorter boards and higher wind control. The wind gods delivered and we sailed and planned everyday except one over the three full Windwise sessions. The photos speak for themselves! We love it!  

We're celebrating 20 years in Alacati in 2020 

Alacati, feels like home. We have seen the town grow from only a few restaurants to a gorgeous bustling market town. We have the best local knowledge and contacts in the area and are welcomed as if we are family. If you've been before or fancy joining us in Alacati for 2020, it's a great year to come as it will be our 20th year at what is our longest standing Windwise location. Despite 2 kidney transplants (one year we took the dialysis unit) nothing has stopped us from going to one of our favourite locations. So next year we're going to celebrate 20years in 2020. So come and join this special year with us in Alacati!

Join Alacati 2020 Party Year! 

Get all the info and first shout on June 2020 Dates by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In the meantime, here's some shots from the last two Windwise Freeride sessions this year. Bring on 2020! 

Windwise Alacati 15-22nd June Freeride Week   


Windwise Alacati 22-29th June Freeride Week