The fabulous Windwise crew play board games in Prasonisi  

Prasonisi July 2019 


Fast flat water Freeriding, Windwise 'Upwind-Downwinders', 'Warrior' 'Talk To The Mic' 'Rig@90' 'Hinge The Hand' and 'Chin On Shoulder' all leading to Fast Tack, countless Gybes and Duck Gybes too. Beautiful blasting, first time straps, Helis and FOILING....Plus of course 'Blue Zone' food, Mythos beer, fully charged cocktails, roof top dining, tasty tavernas and loads of laughs - It has to be Windwise in Prasonisi.



Yet again we've just had a wonderful week based at the Prasonisi Centre, where the Polish crew treat us like family and provide the perfect venue for our Windwise Freeride weeks. We had a mix of conditions with some quality cruising, a light wind rest day (some rain!) and then finished the last section of the trip with some classic Pras. So a decent range of learning conditions and that adrenaline burst right to the end to help us cope with a delayed flight..... 

As ever, we ran through all our Windwise 'Warrior' skills training sessions, ran through all the essential skills and worked super hard to justify the apres windsurfing feasts in a selection of wonderful Greek eateries. 


So, we want to say a huge thank you to a wonderful group of 'Wise' Guys and Girls...and to Kris and his amazing crew at the Prasonisi Center - "Dziękuję Ci" 

We'll be returning in 2020, so drop us an email if you want to be on the list, we also plan to have a Foil-Wise Session too!


Here's a flavour of what we got up to...