Our August Hayling Island Freeride session hits the high notes with a fine 'Summer Breeze'!


Howling Hayling

Yep, it's been an amazingly breezy 'summer' recently all over the UK with unseasonal but fabulous wind, wind, wind! Great to see sop many people on the water all over the south coast enjoying the highs but particularly the summer 'LOWS' sweeping across the country.


We've been very busy on the water and last weekend we had a full on Freeride session with eight very determined intrepid 'Warriors' taking on some pretty punchy conditions at Esso Beach on Hayling Island. With sails ranging from 3.7-6m, it was yet another gloriously sunny and very breezy day! We covered 7 stance range, sorting out faster waterstarts, improving blasting and cracking those 'Warrior' corners - when fully maxed out! As ever, it was great to see everyone giving it their all!  

WELL DONE to the less experienced crew for just going out and to everyone pushing and moving things on in very challenging conditions.
We even ended up using a Blade 5.3 on the Fox 120 as it got so windy!

Courses Coming Up in 2019

Next UK Windwise session is 31st August - Come and join us for some Freeride fun! Then we're very lucky to be heading to Sardinia, Mauritius and the our final UK session 7-8th Nov. We have a couple of places available, so if you fancy a UK or overseas treat, get in touch ASAP to give your windsurfing a boost and have a fab time! 

Windwise Party Sat 9th Nov @ Inn On The Beach Hayling Island

Don't forget to get your Windwise dinner party tickets for 9th Nov @ Inn On The Beach Hayling Island - not to be missed! All info on the website GET YOUR TICKETS HERE! Don;'t miss a fabulous night out! It's shaping up for our annual get together - COME & JOIN US! Day time sail, social, evening drinks, sit down dinner-feast, prizes, surprises and basically welcome to any windsurfer and partners who want a great time!


We grabbed a few shots from the last few blasting runs on Sunday. We've also added in some recent shots of my new toys - the gorgeous Severne Sails UK & Ireland 2020 Blade on the Dyno 85L being used only 300m from the Windwise HQ @ Bracklesham Bay. Such a gorgeous combo for the majority of coastal UK blast, jump and ride conditions.