We've just finished our Sept Daymer Sessions...here's what we got up to...


Daymer Bay Freeride Sept 2019


Fabulous Windsurfing, Big Bay Blasting, Stunning Skills Training, WaveSUPing, Surfing, Daymer-Rock-Daymer Adventure!
Great accommodation with gorgeous swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi's, tennis courts, table tennis and games room.
Gastro Pub, Brian's Incredible BBQ's, Doombar Beer, Pirate Bars and so much more - It has to be Windwise in Daymer!  

We ran two Freeride-Freewave groups this Sept, both of which had great conditions and, as ever, a really great bunch of 'Windwise Warriors' - THANK YOU ALL for making it such a successful couple of courses and adventures. Loved all the work, enthusiasm, adventure and laughs on and off the water.



We will be running more Windwise Daymer sessions for sure in Sept 2020, so if you fancy joining us then get on the list for this West Country Adventure, which is open to anyone who can sail and waterstart a sub 120L board!


Windwise @ Daymer 

Daymer is one of THE most beautiful places to windsurf in the UK and arguably the world. Stunning surroundings with a mix of easy low tide flat water and when the swell is in, there's the optional and infamous 'Doombar' - which is even more powerful than the beer or friendly 'point break' out from the beach which is often a super easy intro to WaveSUP, WindSUP and Wave sailing!

You need to fully understand, respect and use the tides in Daymer to your advantage - which is what Windwise is there help you with. But with the right guidance and some 'Windwise Warrior' Skills Training, it's a safe, beautiful play ground for freeriders (and wave sailors the there is swell). So whether it's shallow water blast and gybe skills or easy waves, we can help you with your windsurfing and give you a great adventure too!  

Here's some photos from both the Sept sessions...Get on the list early for 2020!