We've just had a 'quick week' in Porto Pollo, Sardinia, here's what we've been up to...

Main photo James 'Butty' Christopher flying on the Fox! 


Windsurfing, Biking, WindSUPing, SUPing & Blue Zone Living Food

Wind, sunshine, big bay blasting, warrior gybing, tacking, upwind downwinders, Bike tours, Blue Zone food, 'bean bag chillin'.... yes Windwise is back in Sardinia!


We're just finished a breezy week, with cross onshore winds and a mix of flat and choppy waters with wind on all but one day. As ever we worked through 'the system' to rebalance, enhance and make sure everyone is trying to learn the 'right way' rather than practicing those 'bad habits' that don't get you to where you're trying to go. As ever, great work everyone and I hope you get on with your homework until next time.

In the board bags we had Severne Fox 120 and the ever present Dyno 95L, plus the 65. & 5.5 Gators and 4.7 Blade to add into the mix. Thanks for all the feedback and for letting me use them too :)

Off the water, we ate an abundance of 'Blue Zone' food, gallons of Italian coffee and took on a great bike adventure to secluded bays and beautiful vistas.... 

So a big thank you to everyone who joined us - See you soon - Don't forget the Windwise Party on 9th Nov 2019 at Hayling Island.

Here's some photos of the 'Porto Pollo Warriors' in action....