We've just finished our Lancelin Freewave session and final course in 2019!


Lancelin WA Australia


We’ve now come to the end of our time in WA, so here’s some shots from the last session in ‘Lano’ (Lancelin) which is 1.5hrs North from Perth City. It’s quite similar to Mauritius and Hayling Island, with a fabulous flat-water lagoon on the inside and optional waves on the outer reef, when the swell is up. It’s a sleepy town of ‘728’ people, which multiplies in the Aussie summer holidays. It has a very laid back charm about it, where else do you get a local stored called ‘Have A Chat’ and they really do!


As you can see from the photos, we had a fun crew who worked so hard, learnt a lot and really took to the Windwise Core Skills Training, Touch Points and Windwise Warrior ethos! We worked those ‘Warriors’ over and over to enhance fast tacks, drier gybes, wave riding, upwind360’s, push tacks and duck gybing skills. As you can see, we were joined by some very friendly local aquatic life on a daily basis.

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We didn’t get the full-blown Aussie ‘Seabreeze’ or as much swell as you’d normally expect for over a four day course, but this was down to a huge heat wave. It was very humbling to be there amidst some pretty enormous bush fires in the shires between Lancelin and Perth. You could see the billowing smoke 30-40km away and it’s a stark reminder of how powerful these monstrously devastating fires can be. Many people were evacuated and moved up to Lancelin to escape.


We wish everyone effected the very, very best!

So, a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined us in Lancelin and WA!

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Also thanks to Werner for supplying the Severne rental kit, the Lancelin lodge for accommodating many of us and Severne International for the van load of demo kit – Merry Xmas to you all!