Wind, rain, wind, sun, wind, Mojitos, Rose, BBQ's, beautiful blasting and skills galore! Bonaire delivers a 100% wind for our first Windwise Freeride session of 2020


Breezy & Easy Bonaire


Beautiful Blasting - Cranking Corners - Windwise Warriors - Progression Through Adventure - Turtles - Mojitos - BBQ's - Sushi - Wahoo & Sebastian Sunsets....It has to be Windwise in Bonaire! 

It's always a real treat to kick the year off in Bonaire and this year was no exception. Pretty much from when we landed to when we sadly had to go, we had we blessed with wind everyday. If it did drop for its normal 'lunch time lull', you'd still have been blasting about on a 6-6.5m! I used a 4.7 or 5.3m on a Dyno 95L or Psycho 102L everyday - never rigged the 5.7 Gator..... The Windwise Warriors used sails ranging from 4m-6m and many experienced sailing smaller boards than ever before! We also had some pretty heavy rain, which punched through with short bursts of ferocity, but then soon cleared to let Lac Bay glitter in the Caribbean sun. It's such a stunning place and suits our Skills Training System so well - we can't wait to get back in March. 

As ever, loads of success on the water with quicker earlier planing, faster footsteps, better blasting, more quality control, greater gybe consistency, faster exits, duck gybes, Duck Monkeys and more feasible freestyle too. 


Well done everyone, it was great to see you develop, get that Warrior working and have a great time i the process - THANK YOU! 


We're pretty much fully booked for March & April sessions (possible cancellation place - so get in touch) SO GET ON THE LIST FOR 2021 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Here's a selection of shots from the camera and video screen grabs, plus a mini selection of landscape shots from the incredible Jeremy Collyer. Who despite Parkinson's, cranks across the bay making full speed gybes and takes a mean photograph too! Inspirational!