Stay Fit Tuned Up & Keep Your Windsurfing Mojo Alive with our @Home Windwise Workout



How To Get & Keep Fit For Windsurfing?

Target The Exact Windsurfing Muscles

Develop Your Technique At The Same Time 

Here's a mix of specific windsurfing FitnessWise exercises to get you strong and also remind you of some core Windwise skills that will make you a better windsurfer. We use these during downtime and also in the lead up to getting back out there. Warm up first, then work it, repeat it and learn all at the same time!

I used a lot of these exercises when recovering from a kidney transplant a few years ago, so I hope they target those windsurfing muscles for you too!
See you on the water soon....., Simon"


No doubt you're feeling frustrated about not being out on the water and wondering how you'll keep your windsurfing fitness alive?
Well, with the combination of some Windwise skills and the help of Indie Bornhoft (Fitness and personal trainer and Windwise coach) we have windsurfing specific exercises to help you.


Welcome to our Windwise Workout Exercises to keep you fit, strong, tuned up and 'wiser' for when we eventually get back on the water.


Each exercise is specifically designed to...

1. Give you a simple technique message and target specific windsurfing muscles and skills.

2. Keep you ripped and ready for when you can get back on the water.

3. Keep your windsurfing mojo alive between windsurfing sessions and prepare for a windsurfing trip.

4. Perform anywhere without gym equipment and make them part of your regular routine or put them all together in one Windsurfing Workout. BUT... most importantly do them!


Finally: They are simple exercises, but when done thoroughly, repeatedly and fully accentuated they target the exact muscles and techniques that we use on the water.


Let's keep strong and fit ready for our next windsurfing session! Wiser, stronger & fitter!


Windwise Workout Exercise 1: Straight 7 Training

How to get your body stronger and improve your stance range for early planing.


Windwise Workout Exercise 2: Warrior Training

Develop your power, strength and technique with our Warrior stance ethos that will help transform your transitions. 



Windwise Workout Exercise 3: Shifting & Switching Footwork Training

Develop your balance and technique for when you need to switch those feet mid gybe.   



Windwise Workout Exercise 4: Sunken '7' Training  

Improve your strength, balance and flexibility for dynamic situations like getting going, blasting control and jumping,  .   



Windwise Workout Exercise 5:  Opposition Strength Training

Improve your power, control and ability to 'oppose' that rig for all aspects of your time on the water.  



Windwise Workout Exercise 6: 'Boom Row ' Upper Body  Training

A fabulously specific exercise to develop your 7 stance range for when you're out of the harness. 



Windwise Workout Exercise 7: 'Boom Roller' Grip Strength Training

This 'killer' exercise is the perfect way to prevent forearm fatigue and get you primed for your next session!