Unique opportunity to get 1-2-1 Private Coaching Masterclass to maximise your progression this season.

Simon Bornhoft 1-2-1 Private Coaching

Expert Tuition – Proven Results – Make Your Moves - The Perfect Windsurfing Experiences


** Hayling Island - East Wittering - Bracklesham
** Social distancing: Half a mast apart **
** NHS workers 20% discount during lock down**

**BOOK YOUR PROGRESSION BY EMAILING This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Welcome To Windwise One-2-One

Along side our 1 & 2 Days Windwise Group UK Coaching Sessions we are offering bespoke Simon Bornhoft 1-2-1 private coaching masterclasses.  You can expect the very best in personalised training with dedicated 1-2-1 to reduce learning time, plus get ’On The Fly’ feedback to target exactly what will make the difference to take YOU to the next level.

** 1-2-1 Masterclass sessions are limited and we will work around wind forecasts and tides.

** If you have any questions or want to book, then contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

** Choose what you want, like and need to work on... then we’ll do the rest to help you achieve those goals!

** They can be for one person or bring a friend along too!


Personalised private coaching to give you the ultimate learning experience with one of the most experienced and proven coaches in the world.



Quicker Early Planing + Footstraps + Upwind Skills
Quality Control + Enhance Your Stance + Blast Faster
Quick Waterstarts + Dry Tacks + All Levels of Gybing + Transitions


Associated Freeave Skills + Shorter Board Tacks + Helicopter Tacks
Launching + Riding + Jumps + Waves + Transitions


Kit Set Up + 1st Flight + Inflight Control + Foil Gybes


Personalised Kit Tuning + Complete MOT & Quiver Advice

* Rates are for those with their own kit, but we can provide Severne hire kit if needed.
* We will choose the date and location based on local knowledge, your level, wind forecasts and tides.


A totally dedicated experience to give you exactly what you want and need at a pace to suit your goals and aspirations. 

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Masterclass Options & Rates

With years of experience and a dedication and ability to identify and resolve the exact skills that will make the biggest difference to you, lets make some progress! We can take it at whatever pace suits you and will make it a wonderfully productive, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

These sessions can be just a private experience 1-2-1 or bring one other person to join you on the session.


‘The Hour of Power’ £99

One hour of 1-2-1 Private SB Coaching
A quick shot of progression. You’re rigged on the water ready to go! Then expect 1-2-1 shadowing
with ‘on-the-fly’ analysis and direct feedback to take you further towards your goals.”


'Two Hours To Thrive' £165

2 Hours of 1-2-1 Private SB Coaching 
“Move everything on further with the extra time to really train, repeat, analyse, shadow and work through all the key elements to help YOU.”
Any level, any aspiration 


“Make Your Moves” £300

Half Day 1-2-1 Private SB Coaching 
Let’s really drive your level onwards and upwards. This special session will give us time to make those moves really come together.
We can be even more in depth, remove any niggling bad habits, then guide, motivate, inspire and assist you to make those changes. Plus obviously we can really nail that on water training and give full video/photo feedback to make it a truly rewarding, productive and technique enhancing experience for you.


“Zero To Hero” £500

Indulge Yourself In The Best Windsurfing Day Ever
From where you are now to where you want to be! Quite simply the ultimate way to cover all you want, push your level and have the whole day devoted to give your windsurfing a serious boost. You name it and we’ll cover it and help you achieve your windsurfing goals in a much shorter time frame. Plus you can have your whole quiver tuned, pimped and set up perfectly! This is a really special day.


Book Your Progression by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. Let us know your coaching session choice, level and aspirations.

2. Preferred date / time window / contact mobile number

3. Any other questions, fire away.


Want Something More Bespoke?
If you're looking for more regular 1-2-1 coaching or want something more bespoke, then we're happy to discuss a longer term plan and can come up with rates and full personalised progression plan for you.

Locations + Forecasts + Tides

We will work around the local forecast and tides to maximise your time on the water.

Hayling Seafront (Best 2-3 hours either side of LOW tide)

Bracklesham Bay/East Wittering (Best 2-3 hours either side of LOW tide)

Esso Beach Hayling (Best 2-3 hours either side of HIGH tide)


Beginner-Improvers 1-2-1 Windwise Coaching

For beginners and early improvers sorting the basics, Windwise coach ‘Indie Bornhoft’ can take you through the core skills to get you sorted and ready for the season. Please ask for more details and rates.

For more information and to get back on the water in style email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Simon Bornhoft Windwise
“Make Your Moves”
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Coaching contact: 07764574201

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