Beautiful Bonaire 2022

Stunning Freeride and amazing progression

Windwise Lac Bay Bonaire March 2022


We feel lucky and privileged to be out in such paradise. Wind, blue water, turtle watch and run after run across the waist deep bay.


Yes we've just finished our first session in Bonaire for March 2022 and looking forward to our next April sessions.


We've had fabulous wind every day, stunning learning conditions and a really lively fun super progressive group on and off the water.

We originally started with 10, but two didn't make it out to Bonaire due to CV19 just before coming out!!! so we did loads of runs in their honour! 


Everyone made really fabulous progress and I wanted to say huge Windwise Warrior thanks to all of you who joined us and very much looking forward to seeing you again soon! 


** We've potentially got 2 spare places come up for our 9-16th April 2022 session **.


So let us know asap if you fancy some of this - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all the details....


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Here's some shots of the gang, plus a new recruit in training!